Slovene company ELPA has developed an innovation called i-ROCK, which is an on-board device for locomotives, trams and metros.

Its purpose is to reduce noise and wear of wheels and rails on one side, and on the other side to maintain the safety of rail traffic because it does not affect the physical conditions of driving parameters, which means adhesion and traction are not affected to avoid causing slipperiness and derailment.

i-ROCK distributes a special composite material, which contains more than 40 % solid particles and it is sprayed directly on the wheel flanges (or in addition onto the rail, too). Being capable to distribute such a kind of compound, it makes the system more efficient in relation to products that are currently in use.

We offer free of charge trial installation of our system for an agreed testing period.

For all types of rolling stock, benefits include:

  • Exceptional reduction of noise, caused by the wheel-rail friction.
  • Highly effective protection against the wear of wheels and rails.
  • Costs reduction of lifecycle (LCC) of wheels and rails.
  • Use of the same material throughout the year.
  • Automated adjustment of operating regimes.
  • Stable dosing of CHFC material, independent of weather conditions.

i-ROCK uses composite heavily-fluid compound (CHFC) material, which features:

  • The same material is used for applying on radius and wheel’s running surface.
  • Solid parts are crucial for achieving the desired effects.
  • CHFC material contains over 40% of solid parts.
  • It does not contain solvents and bioaccumulative heavy metals.
  • Nonslippery material is used to maintain safety.

Visitors are invited to stand 402 in Hall 22 at InnoTrans from 18-21 September in Berlin, Germany, where we will gladly present our products in more detail.