ELPA is the originator of the most efficient and environmentally friendly rail friction management system, dubbed WONROS™. The name stands for wear and noise reduction at source. It is the world’s only friction management system that is based on both essential pillars of friction management: composite materials and application devices.

Due to its comprehensive approach, the award-winning technology WONROS™ is protected with over 30 patents and is the only friction management system in position to guarantee and assume complete responsibility for results including:

  • Up to 99.9% reduction in high frequency squealing
  • Up to 70% reduction in rail gauge wear
  • Significantly reduced vibrations

The technology does all this while maintaining the required adhesion for safe traffic. Braking distances are not compromised, even in the rainy conditions. Braking tests show that, after the application of the proprietary Composite Hardly-Fluid Compounds (CHFC), the braking distances are sometimes even shorter.

There are significant positive budgetary effects resulting from the technology implementation. Trackside devices have payback periods as short as two years. Savings in a curve typically amount to €15,000-€20,000 per curve. Unique solutions for squeal and wear on hump yards potentially saves hundreds of thousands of euros annually.

WONROSTM technology is the most innovative technology system and will not fail to present on-board and trackside solutions that have not been exhibited before.

The greenest trackside solution to have been devised up to date

LIMbo is a mechanical drive for the trackside friction management device CL-E1. It uses the kinetic energy of the wheels on the Vignole rail that is used for the entire operation of the device, including the mixing of the composite material CHFC in the tank. Typically, consumption of the CHFC materials is several times lower than the competitive top of rail friction modifiers (TOR FM) or flange lubricants. With all of this combined, it is safe to argue that this is by far the greenest complete solution for trackside friction management ever to have been presented to the railway sector. LIMbo offers remote control that is charged by a battery with a long life cycle expectancy.

The most energy efficient on-board devices- zero compressed air solution for tramways

The i-ROCK on-board technology requires, arguably, the lowest amounts of compressed air. It is due to the technological solution that applies the lowest quantities of CHFC composite material to deliver superior results. The DRYproANNSYS is a solution aimed specially at tramways and it works without compressed air. It is arguably the world’s energy most efficient on-board application device. The unmatched anti-wear and anti-noise effects of the WONROS™ further add to the green character of the presented solutions.