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RAIL.ONE Ballastless Track, Concrete Mainline and Turnout Sleepers and Sleeper Plant Construction

RAIL.ONE is a leading supplier of innovative track systems for passenger, freight, and heavy-haul transport: from sleepers for ballasted tracks all the way to the special RHEDA 2000® ballastless-track solution. The systems require little maintenance for decades. They offer stable track positioning and excellent ride comfort – also at high train speed and under extreme loading.

Standard and specialised railway sleepers

RAIL.ONE track systems provides standard and specialised concrete sleepers, including wide sleepers, elastically-footed sleepers, turnout sleepers and ballastless track systems such as the top railway products RHEDA 2000® and GETRAC®.

For urban traffic, the product spectrum includes, in addition to concrete sleepers, non-ballasted track systems such as RHEDA RX, RHEDA CITY and the ‘green tracks’ RHEDA CITY GREEN and ATD-G.

With locations in Germany, Hungary, South Korea, the Netherlands, China, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, RAIL.ONE produces more than 4 million main-track sleepers annually, in addition to more than 580,000m of turnout sleepers.

RHEDA 2000® ballestless track system

The monolithic, ballastless RHEDA 2000 system is used for mainline tracks, especially on high-speed routes. Chief characteristics of the supporting concrete slab include its lack of a trough, and its use of a modified bi-block sleeper with a lattice truss.

The development of special turnout sleepers for the RHEDA 2000 system means that track and turnout are totally compatible: the uniform structural height and the reduced weight enable significant time and cost benefits in project engineering and installation.

As a result of the monolithic structure of the track-supporting layer and the low overall structural height, this system is suited for applications for earthwork systems, tunnels and bridges – including those designed for trains that run at speeds over 300km/h.

GETRAC® system for concrete sleepers

The chief characteristic of GETRAC® track systems is of asphalt supporting layers on which concrete sleepers directly rest. The sleepers are elastically connected to the asphalt layer by special concrete anchor blocks, which transfer the horizontal forces from the track panel to the asphalt.

A major advantage is the fast and simple installation technique with conventional track-laying technology and with high daily track-laying output.

The GETRAC® A3 system is the newest and highest-performance product in the GETRAC® line. The wide sleepers, an intrinsic part of this system, reduce track installation height, which makes it especially effective for tunnel installations but also for embankments.

The German Federal Bureau of Railways (EBA) has granted its approval, without speed restriction, to various track designs. This approval means that GETRAC® models are cleared for high-speed rail traffic.

Invisible rail sleeper system for urban traffic

The RHEDA CITY system is characterised by simple structural technology; modified bi-block sleepers with lattice trusses facilitate installation and guarantee precise track gauge at the same time. It is hardly visible, requires almost no maintenance, offers perfect ride comfort, supports heavy loads and ensures great safety.

RHEDA CITY, which is also available as a ‘green track’, provides additional advantages through the monolithic structure of its track-supporting layer and its low installed structural height.

Rail track system for underground systems

RHEDA RX was developed especially for use in metro lines with speeds up to 100 km/h and axle loads up to 18 tons. The system was designed as a mass-spring system and consists of a concert supporting slab with integrated bi-block sleepers that rest over their entire surfaces on RockXolid® stone-wool mats. RHEDA RX, developed on the basis of the proven RHEDA ballastless track system, is characterized as trackform by an in-situ-concrete slab with integrated bi-block sleepers. Since initial RHEDA employment in 1972 at the German station Rheda, which gave the track form its name, RAIL.ONE has systematically further developed this solution and has adapted it to changing requirements.

Green track for urban rail traffic

The ATD-G ballastless track system has been designed for applications for trams and surface commuter railways in downtown areas. The ATD-G is primarily characterised by bi-block concrete sleepers directly supported by an asphalt layer. A lateral-force base support effectively secures the track span.

The system can be covered by turf or sedum plants, in various heights. Owing to its appealing optical impression and its favourable environmental characteristics, the RAIL.ONE ‘green track’ is an outstanding choice for mass rapid transit.

Sleepers for freight and heavy-haul traffic

With high energy prices and increased demand for raw materials, freight and extreme-load railway traffic has assumed a key function in intermodal competition. For these exceptional demands placed on track technology, RAIL.ONE has developed special concrete sleepers that are designed for static axle loads up to 40t.

Efficient planning – with a maximum of cost assurance

Requirements placed on the cost-effectiveness of advanced track systems have become more demanding: engineering innovations are expected to assure the quality and the productivity of the overall system. Low maintenance expense and reduction of lifecycle costs will become increasingly important.

For planning of all solutions for rail lines – whether at grade, over bridges, or in tunnels – RAIL.ONE engineers effectively adapt the entire track design to local requirements: from the design development phase up to detailed planning.

Plant construction

RAIL.ONE exports its experience, logistics and technology. Standardised models for sleeper plants can be quickly and simply built at any location that offers the required infrastructure. Such plants enable production of up to 600,000 concrete sleepers annually, in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic modes of production and in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

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Press Release

RAIL.ONE Completes Delivery of RHEDA 2000® Bi-Block Sleepers for the Follo Line Project in Norway

This week, RAIL.ONE has made its last delivery of a total of 61,215 RHEDA 2000® bi-block sleepers and other related system components.

White Papers

Track Works with Design and Resilience at Bybanen Airport Link in Bergen

Bybanen opened its new tram-line airport link to connect the Bergen city centre with the airport in Flesland, Norway.


Dammstrasse 5

92318 Neumarkt


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Press Release

9 July 2020

This week, RAIL.ONE has made its last delivery of a total of 61,215 RHEDA 2000® bi-block sleepers and other related system components.

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30 October 2019

In the presence of State Minister Albert Füracker, District Administrator Thomas Ebeling and Lord Mayor Andreas Feller, DB and RAIL.ONE ceremonially commission the new turnout sleeper plant in Schwandorf in southern Germany.

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9 October 2019

RAIL.ONE has always focused on providing innovative and reliable solutions as part of its product portfolio.

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11 September 2019

RAIL.ONE and construction company Azvi jointly deliver the RHEDA 2000® slab track system to Norway.

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2 October 2018

The Neumarkt-based PCM RAIL.ONE Group presented itself for a total of four days at the leading trade fair for transport technology in Berlin, Germany.

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18 September 2018

The Neumarkt-based company will be presenting new product developments and other solutions from its business segments at InnoTrans, the leading International Trade Fair for Transport Technology.

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11 September 2018

Romanian RAIL.ONE subsidiary SC TRAVERTEC has a new shareholder in voestalpine VAE Apcarom.

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22 August 2018

RAIL.ONE will be showcasing its range of track system solutions provided for railway transport worldwide at InnoTrans.

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11 April 2018

After ten months of construction, RAIL.ONE has commenced series production and granted access to the production site during its inauguration.

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7 February 2018

RAIL.ONE’s track system has been used in a major rail infrastructure project in South Korea to connect Incheon Airport, Seoul and Olympic venues in the east of the country for the Winter Olympic Games running from 9 February to 25 February.

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18 September 2017

PCM RAIL.ONE and S:t Eriks have started a cooperation. Both companies are jointly focusing on the upcoming high-speed railway projects in Sweden.

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29 September 2016

This year's InnoTrans underscored its importance as the leading fair for transportation technology by setting new records: 2,950 exhibitors, almost two-thirds of them traveling from outside Germany, presented their products and services to an interested trade audience.

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21 September 2016

The role of rail-based freight, commuter, and mainline transport around the world is growing. This boom is fueled in part by numerous international infrastructure projects in which the PCM RAIL.ONE Group, with over 60 years experience in the production of concrete sleepers and state-of-the-art track systems, is an important player.

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31 August 2016

RAIL.ONE will present itself at the InnoTrans Exhibition in Berlin in Hall 26, Booth 305. The InnoTrans is the leading trade show for transport technology and is taking place 20-23 September 2016. In addition to its comprehensive portfolio of modern track systems for rail transport, RAIL.ONE will focus on further internationalising the company's business fields.

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19 August 2016

RAIL.ONE USA has announced Robert E Bogner as the new CEO of its North American operations.

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3 August 2015

RAIL.ONE depends on entrepreneurial adaptability to be sustainably successful in its core business. With the target of adapting the group even more successfully to customer orientation, growth and innovative strengths, the company has implemented a new organizational structure. The German Division has been separated into two entities, to go into effect on 1st August 2015.

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20 April 2015

RAIL.ONE, a leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, has delivered 536,900 concrete sleepers to the companies SAMPYO Engineering & Construction, Kuedo Kongyung, and HwaSung-Kuedo.

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10 December 2014

RAIL.ONE Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railway tracks, has reinforced its strategic position. With a new sales manager, the company emphasises its claim as a service-oriented partner and its long-term global ambitions.

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23 September 2014

RAIL.ONE's focus for InnoTrans 2014, the international trade fair for transport technology, is firmly on light rail traffic. The company will present solutions and innovations that cities can profit from both economically and ecologically. In addition, RAIL.ONE will showcase new technical highlights such as its trafficable system for ballastless tracks in tunnels.

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23 September 2014

The RAIL.ONE Group has a smart new design on its website. The internationally leading manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railway tracks has thoroughly overhauled its website.

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11 September 2014

The RAIL.ONE Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railway tracks, was nominated by Deutsche Bahn for the 2014 Supplier Award in the category of infrastructure construction work.

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21 July 2014

The RAIL.ONE Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railway tracks, will celebrate two anniversaries this year.

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8 May 2014

The RAIL.ONE Group, a world-leading manufacturer of concrete ties and system provider for rail-mounted tracks, has opened a new factory in Clinton, Iowa.

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11 April 2013

With successful conclusion of search for an investor, RAIL.ONE Group has a strong strategic shareholder with long-range orientation. The Neumarkt company - pioneer and leading manufacturer of concrete sleepers as well as systems provider for railway tracks - and its subsidiaries are now part of the Indian conglomerate PCM Group of Industries.

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12 March 2013

RAIL.ONE Group, leading international manufacturer of concrete railroad ties and systems provider for railway track, has entered the US market. The company will construct a production plant in the US State of Iowa with an annual capacity of 600,000 concrete ties. In implementation of its market entry, RAIL.ONE Group has already founded a US subsidiary RAIL.ONE USA Corp.

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28 January 2013

Infrastructure projects in Qatar and Spain to be executed with ballastless track technology from RAIL.ONE. RAIL.ONE Group, leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers as well as systems provider for railway tracks, has won the order for delivery of the track system for the new tram line in Doha, capital of Qatar.

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15 January 2013

RAIL.ONE will deliver more than 530,000 concrete sleepers for new construction of the Honam high-speed line. RAIL.ONE Group, leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, will deliver over 530,000 concrete sleepers on behalf of SAMPYO Engineering & Construction LTD., Kuedo Kongyung Co., Ltd., and HwaSung - Kuedo Co., Ltd.

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18 September 2012

This year at InnoTrans 2012, the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, RAIL.ONE will present its extensive production-plant portfolio.

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29 June 2012

At InnoTrans 2012 RAIL.ONE will present to a broad professional public its expertise in the field of plant engineering. RAIL.ONE offerings will take place under the motto "Build on railway excellence - your sleeper plant on demand".

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14 May 2012

RAIL.ONE Group, the leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, has further expanded its international business activities by signing three successful contracts for upgrading rail lines in Hungary and Romania. These projects will enable a big portion of the full production capacity in RAIL.ONE factories in these countries until late 2013.

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5 April 2012

RAIL.ONE Group, leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, will participate in an extensive supply contract for turnout sleepers for new construction of the high-speed rail line between Erfurt and Leipzig-Halle, Germany, for the section between Erfurt and Gröbers.

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21 March 2012

Jochen Riepl, CEO of RAIL.ONE, travelled to Saudi Arabia with the German Federal Minister of Transport, Building, and Urban Development, Peter Ramsauer.

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7 June 2010

RAIL.ONE Group, internationally successful manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, has been awarded a major contract for the project TTY Airport MRT Access System in Taiwan. As a result, the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system will be applied

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16 February 2010

RAIL.ONE Group, international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, has successfully bid for delivery of an additional 600,000 concrete sleepers for contracted project section CTW 400 of the North-South Line in Saudi Arabia. The new con

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27 January 2010

Neumarkt, Germany — In a change in management at RAIL.ONE, Tilo Brandis (42), until now CEO, has left the company amicably and at his own wish, to take effect immediately. His successor is Ralf Sobottka (49), who has been chief financial officer (CFO) at the company since April 2008.

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13 October 2008

Neumarkt, Germany – As part of a contract from the Spanish railway authority ADIF, RAIL.ONE Group will deliver approximately 120,000 concrete sleepers for construction of the high-speed line between Madrid and Valencia. Along the total line length of around 430km, RAIL.ONE will equip 14 tunnels w

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22 September 2008

RAIL.ONE, the internationally successful manufacturer of concrete railway sleepers and system provider for advanced track systems, presents its comprehensive portfolio of track systems for passenger, freight, and heavy-haul transport at this year’s InnoTrans, the International Trade Fair for Tran

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25 August 2008

Neumarkt, Germany – One more win can now be chalked up on the list of victories for the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system: the City Tunnel in Leipzig – currently the prime transportation project in central Germany – will use RHEDA 2000. Over a distance of approximately 4km, the

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19 August 2008

Neumarkt, Germany – An important milestone has been reached for attainment by GETRAC® A3 of the 'standard-design' (Regelbauart) classification for tunnel upgrading on the Deutsche Bahn network: RAIL.ONE Group has won contracts for delivery of ballastless track for the new Schlü

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15 April 2008

Ralf Sobottka (48) has become the new Chief Financial Officer at RAIL.ONE Group. Before his move to the internationally successful manufacturer of concrete sleepers and railtrack systems, Sobottka was employed at the DyStar Group, where he took over as CFO in 2005. Earlier, he held management pos

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10 March 2008

RAIL.ONE strengthens management for further growth Tilo Brandis will be appointed new President and CEO Neumarkt, March 4, 2008 - Tilo Brandis - previously in senior positions in Siemens AG's 'Transportation Systems' and 'Automation and Drives' divisions - will take over as Pres

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6 December 2007

Agreement with KAMPAC Oil Group of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for production and delivery of two million railway sleepers for this railway project in the Republic of Ghana Construction of a concrete sleeper production plant in Huni Valley will create new jobs in the region Read more

19 November 2007

RAIL.ONE GmbH, successful international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, will participate in the coming years in construction of a new rail line in Saudi Arabia. The new line will connect the north of the country, rich in natural resources, with

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25 October 2007

RAIL.ONE Group, the leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers, as well as systems provider for railway tracks, has further consolidated its market presence in Asia by winning new contracts and projects in South Korea. CONTRACT FOR SUPERVISION For the secon

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19 July 2007

Rail One achieves further project success with Rheda City. By now, more than 130km of Rheda City track has been laid in numerous German cities, including Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, and Nuremberg. The north-south urban transit railway in Cologne (Stadtb

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19 March 2007

The RAIL.ONE Group is a highly successful international provider of concrete sleepers, comprehensive track systems, and engineering solutions oriented to the entire area of railtrack construction. RAIL.ONE will now establish its own local subsidiary in China for effective execution of its activit

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11 September 2006

Neumarkt, Germany, 11 September 2006 - The RAIL.ONE Group, a leading manufacturer of concrete sleepers and a comprehensively oriented provider of engineering and systems for railway track systems, acquires the International Business Unit of the insolvent Eichholz Group of railway-construction com

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3 August 2006

For RAIL.ONE GmbH, formerly Pfleiderer track systems, their presence at the InnoTrans 2006, the international trade fair for traffic engineering to be held in Berlin from 19 to 22 September 2006, will be dominated by an ongoing dialog with their national and international customers and business p

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25 July 2006

Neumarkt, Germany, 21 July 2006 - RAIL.ONE GmbH, an internationally successful manufacturer of concrete sleepers, as well as a comprehen-sively oriented system and engineering provider for railway track systems, has, over the past months, succeeded in expanding its market presence in Europe by wi

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19 April 2006

Effective on 13 April, Axa Private Equity will become the new owner of Pfleiderer track systems. The company AXA Private Equity, founded in 1996, is a subsidiary of AXA Investment Managers, with offices in Paris, Frankfurt, London, New York and Singapore. AXA Private Equity specialises in investm

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13 April 2006

M-DAX listed Pfleiderer AG, Neumarkt (ISIN DE0006764749) announced the closing of the deal for the sale of Pfleiderer track systems to AXA Private Equity. On March 10, 2006 Pfleiderer AG announced the signing of a contract to sell Pfleiderer track systems to AXA Private Equity. Followi

Read more
22 March 2006

The Federal Anti-Trust Authority has written to Pfleiderer AG, Neumarkt (ISIN DE0006764749) on March 21, 2006, informing that it sees no grounds why the transaction for the sale of Pfleiderer track systems to AXA Private Equity should not be completed. This means that a major condition for closin

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10 March 2006

MDAX-listed Pfleiderer AG, Neumarkt (ISIN DE0006764749) signed a contract on March 6, 2006 for the sale of its business centre Pfleiderer track systems. An interim right to rescind the contract expired today. The companies taking over the business centre belong to AXA Private Equity. The transact

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23 February 2006

Zoetermeer and Neumarkt, Germany, 23 February 2006: Rheda2000 vof, a joint venture by the three partners BAM Rail BV, BAM Civiel BV and Pfleiderer track systems B.V. has been awarded the first European quality system verification provided by Lloyd's Register in accordance with European Council di

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26 January 2006

For the first time, a section of the railway network of Czech National Railways is being equipped with ballastless track. On the test section, approx. 1,000m between Třebovice and Rudoltice, Pfleiderer track systems provided its extensively proven RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system, a

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25 January 2006

Today Pfleiderer track systems has signed a contract with representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Railways (MoR) for the transfer of ultramodern railway technology to China. The agreement contains all usufructuary rights to the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track technology for the sovereign te

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20 June 2005

Increasing train speeds and greater axle loads on the rail lines of today has correspondingly increased the harmful impact of noise and vibrations on the areas around rail lines. The unevenness that exists between train wheels and the rails, as well as the dynamic deformation of the tracks that t

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18 May 2005

In advanced rail traffic operations with train speeds of over 160km/h, uninterrupted train control and protection functions are critically necessary. In addition to visual signalling techniques, the train driver must on his display see trustworthy information on the occupation status of the track

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