RAIL.ONE and construction company Azvi jointly deliver the RHEDA 2000® slab track system to Norway.

The new tunnel in Bergen aims to increase the capacity of the highly frequented line from Arna to Floen.

Azvi and RAIL.ONE have signed an agreement to jointly deliver the RHEDA 2000® slab track system in the new Arna-Floen tunnel in Bergen, Norway. The installation of the slab track in the 6.9km-long single-track tunnel represents a key Bane NOR project with the objective to increase the capacity on the highly frequented line. The RHEDA 2000® system is one of the world’s most widely applied ballastless track systems for both high-speed and high-performance railway lines. The slab track system has been installed on over 4,300km of railway lines in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Manuel Borràs, business development manager at Azvi, points out: “The track inside Arna-Floen Tunnel is the first ballastless track to be implemented in Norway.  We are very proud to collaborate with Bane NOR to provide the best railway technology.”

Torsten Bode, chief sales officer at RAIL.ONE, explains: “Our modular, reliable and well-proven RHEDA 2000® system is predestined for state-of-the-art railway infrastructure projects, such as the trackwork construction in modern tunnels. The ballastless track system significantly reduces annual maintenance costs and increases the track availability.

“We are proud to work with the company AZVI who has experience from installing the RHEDA 2000® system in previous projects. We believe in the Nordic railway market’s large potential for innovative, sustainable and reliable track technologies and in cooperation with Azvi to would like to make this project a showcase and a slab track reference, first of all in Norway, and secondly in the Nordic market as a whole.”

Both Azvi and RAIL.ONE are committed to grow in the Nordic region by offering and delivering innovative slab track systems in both high-speed and high-performance railway lines.