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Customisable Track Materials and Spare Parts for the Rail Sector

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Kingrail is a leading global supplier of bespoke track materials and spare parts that have been specially optimised for use in a wide range of rail industry applications.

We are committed to providing high-quality customer service and following market developments worldwide in order to consistently meet both client expectations and the latest international standards.

The company is a trusted partner of the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) and all its innovative railway products are supplied in strict accordance with the ISO9000:2008 quality management system.

Bespoke track materials for railway construction applications

Kingrail’s premium-quality railway components are fully compliant with a wide range of international standards such as AREMA, BS, UIC and AAR.

Kingrail offers a range of standard and bespoke anchors manufactured from durable 60Si2Mn Spring Steel.
We supply a variety of forged and galvanised clips according to customer requirements, including W-type, E-type, SKL and Vosslah configurations.
Our fishplates can be fabricated in accordance with clients’ individual needs to ensure optimum performance during operation.
Kingrail’s comprehensive product portfolio includes a variety of rail wheels, axles, gears, bearings and chisels for installation on-board mainline trains, cranes and track repair vehicles.
We provide an array of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gears for locomotives and other vehicles, including cylindrical, bevel, rack, worm and pivot variants.
Kingrail manufactures hard-wearing wheel components from a variety of metals such as 50Mn AAR-C, ER8, as well as 40CrNiMo stainless-steel.
Our catalogue of fasteners includes an extensive line of spikes, bolts, and nuts, which can be supplied in standard or bespoke configurations.
We provide a diverse selection of durable transmission shaft systems, which have been carefully optimised for rail industry applications.
Kingrail’s casting and forging tie plates are designed to improve the stability of rail vehicles, as well as reduce torsion and twisting along the track during transit.
Our versatile steel wheel sets are long-lasting components that are ideal for equipping on-board freight cars, wagons and locomotives to ensure long-lasting performance.

Parts can be supplied as standard or in bespoke variants to ensure peak performance and compatibility with customers’ existing infrastructure.

In addition to railway track building and maintenance applications, many of our products can also be deployed in other sectors.

For example, our screw spikes and bolts can be used in the construction industry, while our gears have previously been deployed in the automotive, engineering and mining sectors.

Spare and replacement vehicle parts for the rail industry

Kingrail offers an extensive catalogue of quality, hard-wearing replacement and spare parts for railroad cars, railway trains and other engineering vehicles.

Our product line includes locomotive wheels in diameter configurations ranging from 4in-42in, in addition to a variety of durable shafts, bearings, gear mechanisms, flanges, chisels and an array of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components.

We also offer a range of heavy-duty track materials, including:

  • Patented tie plates (both casting and forging are available)
  • Fishplates
  • Screw spikes
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Anchors
  • Clips
  • Pad and plates

Development and fabrication of high-quality rail components

Kingrail aims to develop as many of its products as possible within the same facility in order to keep production costs to a minimum and allow for greater control throughout the production process.

Our cutting-edge production site features a wide variety of advanced tools and manufacturing equipment, including 150t to 20,000t capacity hot rolling and forging units, a wire electrode line and fully automatic heat-treatment facilities.

We are also equipped with CNC routing and electrical discharge machining (EDM) capabilities to accurately fabricate complex shapes and allow precise material tapering.

We deploy verticle and oblique-guide horizontal lathe cutters during the manufacture of our products for maximum speed and productivity, in addition to ensuring all parts are replicable and created in accordance with exact specifications.

Kingrail’s components are also subject to extensive testing in order to maintain the highest possible build quality and durability. The company’s extensive portfolio of testing and analysis equipment includes a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and metallographic and spectrum analysers, as well as various magnetic (MT), ultrasonic (UT) and pulling-force testing units.

Rail equipment procurement services

Kingrail invests a significant amount of time and resources in research and development (R&D) every year in order to address customers’ needs and expectations, as well as ensuring compliance with the strictest international standards.

Our personnel includes five senior engineers and ten professional technicians, in addition to an enthusiastic and experienced sales team. Our staff undergo regular evaluations and professional training to make sure they are equipped with the latest practical knowledge, as well as kept up-to-date with the latest industry developments and international requirements.

Additionally, Kingrail operates a laboratory in collaboration with Anhiu Industrial University to test materials and closely inspect all relevant mechanical capacities and sizes to ensure products are qualified and satisfy clients’ individual specifications.

We also maintain a dedicated after-sale service team to collect customer feedback, and adapt our services accordingly to consistently enhance clients’ experiences.

Our team is in regular contact with customers to ensure all products are meeting performance targets and running as expected.

About Kingrail

The company was initially established in Maanshan, China, in 2012, and since grown into a prolific and well-trusted supplier of track and locomotive components.

Kingrail joined the South African Railway Conference in 2014, which resulted in a boost in the company’s profile and collaboration with a local firm to supply wheels and ring parts for a local mining field.

Additionally, Kingrail established branches in Brazil and Kenya in 2017 to assist in the development of their respective rail industry markets and provide better services for local customers.

Our reputation for consistently high-performance, cost-effective solutions and fast delivery times has contributed to the development of a global customer base.

Our products have been delivered to clients in the US, Canada, France, Kenya, and 18 other countries to date, including government and private organisations.

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