forging products

Kingrail offers a wide selection of heavy-duty forging products for the rail industry.

The company has an annual output of 100,000t of forging parts such as:

  • Forged iron core series: bushes, wheels
  • Axle and hub series: transmission shafts, axles for automobile, etc
  • Torsion arm series: torsion bar, rod
  • Tow hook series: hook for trucks and trailers
  • Connecting series: connecting rod

We also provide an extensive catalogue of chains, locks, flanges and construction fittings.

Usage: Automobile, trucks, rail vehicles, vessels, high-speed trains etc.

Main market: Europe / USA / Japan / Korea

Main production equipment

Equipment Type Qty. Note
Vertical lathe VTC6070 36 Finishing workshop
VMC AVL-860 3 Finishing workshop
VMC VMC850B 14 Finishing workshop
Multi-function machine HTC2050n 20 Finishing workshop
CAK 5085di 10 Finishing workshop
Steyr CNC lathe CK7520A and CK50 8 / 6 Finishing workshop
Milling and drilling machine XZ8210C 2 Finishing workshop
CNC milling / drilling machine TY-ZT5060 6 Finishing workshop
OD milling machine MB32BX500 2 Finishing workshop
Air compressor HLGD-75 1 Finishing workshop
Vertical drilling machine Z5140A 6 Finishing workshop
CNC suspended tapping machine SKXFGS.PS 5 Finishing workshop
CNC hobbing machine YK3180CNC3 6 Finishing workshop
Marking machine HZP-90*160D etc. 6 Finishing workshop
Natural gas furnace WLS-DZ-001 etc. 2 Forging workshop
Air hammer C41-20000 etc. 15 Forging workshop
Press J53-2500C etc. 18 Forging workshop
Ring rolling machine D51-450A etc. 8 Forging workshop
Electric furnace KGPS-600KW etc. 10 Forging workshop
Compressor 175A-20.5 etc. 3 Forging workshop
CNC sawing machine GZ4232 16 Raw material workshop
Automatic normalisation HRDW-600KW 8 Heat treatment workshop
Suspended gas normalisation furnace WD-0138 2 Heat treatment workshop
Shot blasting machine Q3210, Q69 etc. 4 Finishing workshop