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Kingrail is a leading supplier of competitive rail component products for application in a wide range of industries.

Our product range includes flanges, wheels, axles, wheelsets, bogies, bearings, couplers, brakes and chisels for rail rolling stocks such as locomotive, freight car, subway vehicles and cranes.

We also offer wheels, wheel assemblies, axles and other parts for rail road vehicles.

Kingrail also supplies a wide catalogue of railway fasteners such as track bolts, track spikes, sleeper screws, rail anchors, rail joint bars, tie plates, rail clips, elastic rail clips, SKL tension clamps, rail shoulders etc. for track building and maintenance purposes.

All products can be supplied in OEM and standard sizes.

To improve quality control and keep up to date on the latest industry trends and demands, Kingrail re-invests 10% of the company’s sales volume into research and development (R&D) and market studies.

Our goal is to deliver fully qualified parts to customers with no after-sales worries, as well as make the whole purchasing journey a pleasure for clients.

Kingrail ensures favorable communication with customers to better understand their needs and requirements, in addition to optimising the company’s offering and maintaining fluent internal communication within the core team.

Quality control plan

Position Control point Control standard
IQC Raw material Qualification rate
Outsourcing product
OQC Products Scrap rate
PQC Pre-machining workshop Rate of acceptability
Complex workshop Reworking rate