Kingrail is offering 20 ballast wagon hopper units for sale at discounted prices.

The wagons are brand new, meeting AAR M-1001 requirements with a 25-year lifespan. They have a 2-year operational quality guarantee.

Ballast tests can be carried out to customer requirements.

Wagon technical specification includes:

No. Parameter
Track gauge 1,435mm / 1,067mm / 1,000mm
Application Adding/unloading ballast
Loading Capacity ≤76t
Tare Weight 24t
Axle Load on Rail ≤25t
Effective Volume (To Top Side Sill Upper Surface) 55m
Maximum Operating Speed 115km/h
Distance Between Coupler Centers 14,160mm
Maximum Height of Car (Empty) 3,286mm
Maximum Width of Car 2,830mm
Distance Between Bogie Centers 10,230mm
Inner Length of Car Body Top 11,059mm
Inner width of Car Body Top 2,308mm


The wagons are composed of the main car body, discharging ballast system, ABDX brake system, couplers, draft gears and bogies.

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