Rail yards, depots and workshops require state-of-the-art equipment, as well as handling and control systems capable of heavy lifting for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of rolling stock, including locomotives, wagons, passenger cars and ancillary vehicles.

Fully automated train wash systems help effectively remove dust, greasy dirt, and stains to keep rolling stock hygienic and in good working condition.

Discover top suppliers of yard equipment and wash plants

Railway Technology has listed leading manufacturers and suppliers of yard equipment and wash plants based on its experience in the sector. The list includes suppliers of bogie drop systems, railway maintenance vehicles, test-rigs, mechanical lifting and handling systems, component cleaning machines, sanding systems, and automatic train wash plants.

The download document is useful for railway operators, procurement officers, mechanical engineers, railway depot managers, technicians and other individuals involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of rail yard equipment or wash plants.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as their product offerings and contact details to aid purchasing decisions.

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Yard equipment and wash plants for railways

Railway yard equipment, wash plants and cleaning systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Railway depot and workshop equipment
  • Industrial doors for train and tram maintenance depots
  • Lubricating oil and coolant systems, fuelling installations, and train controlled-emission toilets (CET)
  • Train wash systems and locomotive washers
  • Non-hazardous surface cleaners, graffiti removers and degreasers
  • Washers and degreasers for automatic parts

Railway tools and equipment for yards

Rolling stock maintenance is the primary activity of rail yards and workshops, where a range of tools and equipment is typically installed such as rolling stock working platforms, rail lifting jacks, bogie lifting and handling systems, underfloor lifting systems, and train traversers.

Bogie drop tables and undercar handling systems allow the removal of bogies and wheelset assemblies or replacement of floor-mounted equipment during railway workshop maintenance work.

Rail yard equipment and systems with high levels of customisation and automation, as well as the ability to withstand rigorous workload conditions, help increase the life of rolling stock while reducing maintenance times and long-term maintenance costs.