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Network Rail and LU-Approved Cable for Rail, Metro & Underground

Eland cables

Eland Cables holds a multi-year framework agreement with Network Rail for the supply of the full range of approved cables and overhead line.

Our technical and logistical involvement with most major UK railway projects, combined with our vast Network Rail and London Underground (LU) approved stockholding, makes us one of the leading Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) approved cable supplier to the rail, metro and underground sector.

Our experience has proved invaluable to rail operators and their contractors on key projects for Crossrail and Eurotunnel, and in Australia, Canada, China and Italy. From concept to completion, we deliver complex cabling solutions for rail installations, meeting national and international standards, as well as industry approval, often providing innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Network Rail and LU-approved cable available from stock for same day despatch

Our stockholding of cables covers the full range of railway applications, including signalling, power distribution, telecommunications, rolling stock, and overhead line, all of which is available for same day despatch. We also supply the full range of cables required for railway station and adjacent civil infrastructure upgrades, including fire performance and medium voltage cables.

Our stockholding is complemented by logistical capabilities, which include large project scheduling and just-in-time delivery, storage, cable cutting, and drum collection, all of which are focused on efficiencies and minimising the supply chain's environment impact.

Expert technical support and quality assurance

Eland Cables' technical support includes cable selection, as well as cable design, development, and approval.

We carry out cable testing, including of our own products, at the Eland Cables Lab, a specialist cable testing laboratory holding ISO 17025 UKAS accreditation, which certifies the competence, impartiality and performance capability of our cable testing facility and its evaluations.

We also hold the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark, a distinction only available to organisations that can demonstrate their ability to comply with the RoHS Directive.

Railway signalling cables

Network Rail-approved:

  • Signalling cable type A, B, C, D & E


  • MR-SE-1093 signalling cable
  • SE0527 Rail Concentric Signalling Cable
  • SE0875 Rail Signalling Cable
  • SE330 Rail Screened Track Crossing Signalling Cable
  • SE774 Limited Fire Hazard (LFH) Rail Signalling Power Supply Cable
  • LSZH Rail Signalling Cable Type D1, D2, E1, E2
  • Rail Concentric Signalling SE 1047 Cable Type 1, 2 , 3, 4

Railway power cables

Network Rail-approved:

  • Track feeder cable
  • Armoured SWA power cable (BS5467, BS6724 and BS6346)
  • BR880 Aluminium Trackside power supply cable
  • Class 2 signalling power supply cable
  • MV power cable (6.35kV / 11kV, 12.7kV / 22kV, 19kV / 33kV and 25kV / 44kV)


  • Limited Fire Hazard (LFH) G4727 Rail Armoured Power Cable
  • SE774 (LFH) Rail Signalling Power Supply Cable
  • S1108 Rail Trackfeeder Cable
  • SE895 LSZH Rail Track Circuit Feed Cable
  • Negative Trackfeeder Cable

LU-approved Fire Performance Cables

  • Firetec BS 7629-1 LPCB BASEC Approved Standard Cable
  • Firetec BS 7629-1 LPCB BASEC Approved Enhanced Cable
  • Firetec FRF2 Cable
  • Firetec BS 7846 LPCB BASEC Approved Impact Power Cable
  • Firetec BS 7846 LPCB BASEC Approved Power Cable

Railway telecom and screening cables

Our Network Rail-approved telecom and screening cables include:

  • Copper trackside cable and armoured copper trackside cable (NR / PS / TEL / 00015)
  • Fibre trackside cable and armoured fibre trackside cable (NR / PS / TEL / 00014)
  • SCADA/pilot cable (NR / PS / ELP / 27220)
  • Twin datalink cable (BR1932)
  • FTN screening conductor cable (NR / PS / TEL / 31102 [BR1817] / BS6485)
  • Bare conductor (NR / PS / TEL / 31102 [BR1817] / BS6485)

Points heating cables

Eland provides heavy-duty points heating cables for power distribution and control in points heating systems.

Rolling stock cables

Network Rail-approved:

  • RIA21 cable (RIA21)
  • NSGAFOU cable (DIN VDE 0250-602)


  • RSE / STD / 024 LFH Rolling Stock Cable Part 6 Type 1-9, Type 11-13

Overhead Line Cables

Our range includes:

  • Centipede overhead line cable
  • Cockroach bare overhead line cable
  • Cockroach overhead line cable
  • Hornet bare overhead line cable
  • Hornet overhead line cable
  • 107mm² copper silver contact wire
  • 107mm² copper tin contact wire
  • 107mm² contact wire with ID groove (hard drawn copper)
  • 120mm² contact wire copper silver
  • 7 / 7 / 0.51mm copper flexible stranded conductor
  • 19 / 2.1mm bronze II stranded conductor (catenary wire)
  • 19 / 3.20mm hard drawn stranded CU conductor 150mm (catenary wire)

Cable for stations

Our cable for stations include:

  • Section 12 fire integrity cable: (BS7629-1, BS 5839-1:2002, BS 8434-1:2003, BS EN 50200 PH30, BS 6387 C W Z, IEC 60332-3, IEC 60332-1, BS EN 50265, BS EN 50266, IEC 60754, BS EN 50267, IEC 61034 and BS EN 50268)
  • CW1128 / CW1198 cable
  • Coaxial cable type CT100, CT125 and RG / URM / composite cable
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a cables
  • RS232 (overall screened multi-core and overall screened multi-pair belden alternative) and RS422 (individually screened multi-pair low cap belden alternative) cable CW1308 and CW1600 cable


We also supply a wide range of approved accessories for our cables, including ties, glands, lugs, terminals, ladders and trays.

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