With the RailBridge-System, Blaschke Umwelttechnik is providing a practical and universal overhead solution to keep workers safe as required under many health and safety standards and regulations.

It is easily mounted in any depot where maintenance or repair services for diesel powered railway vehicles are carried out. Even the presence of overhead lines, work platforms or cranes pose no problem.

The mobile or firmly attached extraction bridge, consisting of at least two suction rails and one or more extraction units, is the centerpiece of the exhaust removal system. Each extraction bridge can be furnished with a variety of extraction units ranging from sophisticated extractor hood constructions to a simple hose reel. The bridge span can reach up to 9m.

A pair of aluminum extraction rails carrying the extraction bridges and running parallel to the rail track are connected to a duct system that is tied into an individual number of exhaust fans. Blaschke has the experience and knowledge to compose the right duct assembly to ensure the optimum airflow and to improve indoor air quality.

All the systems come with an electrical control system tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.