Brussels Intercommunal Transportation Company (STIB) in Belgium has placed its second order as part of a previously signed framework contract to procure additional Bombardier FLEXITY trams.

The latest order, valued around $75m, will involve the delivery of 30 five-car, 32m-long FLEXITY trams.

In April last year, STIB signed a framework agreement with Bombardier Transportation for up to 175 FLEXITY trams. The total value of the deal stood at $586m.

With the signing of the agreement, STIB also placed the first firm order of 60 trams, valued at $206m.

STIB Board president Thomas Ryckalts said: “After a first order for 60 new trams, the STIB board took a decision in favour of our passengers by ordering 30 additional trams. These new vehicles will reinforce our mobility offering to the benefit of all.”

The FLEXITY vehicles are expected to bolster the transport company’s tram fleet and meet the demand for increasing ridership.

They will be similar to the 60 trams previously ordered. Each of the units will have spacious interiors, more capacity and additional space for passengers with limited mobility.

All the trams will be equipped with a high-contrast, LCD information display system and an intelligent system with smart sensors to maintain the internal temperature of the vehicles.

The driver’s cab for the Bombardier FLEXITY trams offers a better field of vision. It will also be equipped with the Bombardier Obstacle Detection & Assistance System (ODAS), with cameras and sensors to identify moving objects and pedestrians near the moving tram.

Overall, Bombardier has delivered more than 400 trams to STIB, including 220 T3000 and T4000 trams delivered between 2005 and 2015.