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Knox Kershaw

Improving the Productivity of Railway Track Maintenance

Knox Kershaw Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of railway maintenance equipment, including ballast regulators, snow fighters, tie cranes, bridge cranes, tie replacers, tie inserters, kribber adzers, yard cleaners, and other machines, parts and equipment for the railway industry.

11211 Trackwork Street,
36117 Alabama,
United States of America

KBR 925

Knox Kershaw Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of railway maintenance equipment, including ballast regulators, snow fighters, tie cranes, bridge cranes, tie replacers, tie inserters, kribber adzers, yard cleaners, and other machines, parts and equipment for the railway industry.

Since 1924, the company has served the needs of its customers worldwide, with sales and service representatives available across the globe. Knox Kershaw is headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama and currently has maintenance-of-way equipment in operation in the US, Canada, South America, Central and South East Asia, and Australia.

Versatile ballast regulators for short-lines and contractors

The KBR 860 is the latest in the Knox Kershaw Ballast Regulator line up, designed to replace the older models KBR 850 and KBR 875. The 860 features excellent visibility, a new extended-wear wing structure, and a clean roof design for safe and easy maintenance.

For more features and options, visit the KBR860 product page.

Heavy-duty ballast regulators for track profiling and maintenance

The KBR 925 is designed for ballast work on all types of track. Superb visibility in every direction, especially the wing areas, makes it the ideal machine for final profiling. The one pass transfer plow used in conjunction with the wing makes transferring from shoulder to shoulder a one pass operation, while leaving one shoulder profiled.

The reversible wings allow work in either direction so no movement is lost. The heavy duty broom box gives great service life, and the standard reversing valve allows ballast to be swept away from switches and road crossings.

For more features and options, visit the KBR 925 product page.

International and convertible gauge ballast regulators

The KNG 800 offers the same convenient and efficient features of all KKI Ballast Regulators to the international market. The 800 is offered for 914mm, 1,000mm and 1,067mm gauges. The short wheel base and narrow track allow this machine to negotiate tight curves. The wide frame ensures a stable working platform.

Using a unique system designed by Knox Kershaw, the KNG 800 and KBR 925 can be converted between gauges. This feature is especially useful for countries that use multiple track widths throughout their rail system. Find out more on the KNG 800C and KBR 925 product pages.

Three-in-one snow fighter, ballast regulator and brush cutter

The KSF 940 is a custom built snow fighter, based off the KBR 925 frame. The 940 sports a 50,000lb working weight, a larger cab for a second operator’s seat, special cold weather heaters, and specially designed wings, plows, and brooms, built specifically for snow fighting in the harshest environments. The large curl kits allow for plowing through the deepest of snow. The wings push snow 16 feet from the track center, and the snow switch cleaner can blow snow over 20 feet.

The KSF 940 can be converted to a ballast regulator for use in warmer climates, and additionally can be equipped with Diamond Mowers Inc. brushcutter attachments on both sides of the machine to control light to medium brush and grass.

Heavy-duty tie and sleeper handling crane

The KTC 1200 tie / sleeper handling crane is capable of handling 1,200lbs (544kg), at a radius of 24ft (7.32m) from the track center. The unit is capable of 360° rotation, while the heavy-duty all-welded reinforced construction on the upper deck and mainframe withstands loading and provides long life to the equipment. The minimal tail swing reduces the possibility of fouling the adjacent track.

The KTC 2000 tie crane has the same handling capabilities of the 1200, but with a few added features that make it perfect for working cleanly and efficiently in tight clearances. The upper deck is capable of 360° rotation, as is the tie grapple. Additionally, the boom swing moves independently of the deck, and can swing 120° to 60°, each side of centre.

Yard cleaner for efficient clean up of railroad track and shoulder

Knox Kershaw Yard Cleaner, Model KYC 550 clears track and shoulders, as well as space between the track on multi-track lines, including points and crossings. The machine is capable of sweeping and loading up to 2.66 cubic yards of waste material per minute.

After a single pass, the track, including fasteners, is completely cleared of any unwanted material. The KYC 550 is also capable of clearing the entire tie width, as well as shoulders for the total path width of just under 15 feet.

Kribber adzer with adzer cut depth control

The KKA 1050 is a heavy duty kribber adzer that is designed for clearing out the cribs (at the tie plate area), and adzing the ties in a continuous operation. Newly redesigned in 2014, the KKA1050 is designed to be easy to operate, simple to troubleshoot, and easily accessible for repair and service. It features enhanced operator ergonomics, improved layout of components, and superior dust suppression and fire prevention / suppression.

The adzer head uses a slider box arrangement with hydraulic cylinders for horizontal and vertical movements. This provides sturdy mounting and precise control from the cab. The adzer bearing housing is flange-mounted to the head frame, which means that bolts don’t break off in the housing.

The adzer features a hydraulically controlled skid arrangement that allows the cutter head to maintain a constant cutting depth. For initial setup, simple adjustments are made to select the desired depth, eliminating operator error.

Knox Kershaw parts, service, and training

Knox Kershaw prides itself on fast delivery of parts for all KKI machines, as well as parts for machines by other manufacturers.

Additional operator and maintenance training is offered for all KKI machines, as well as other manufacturer’s machines.

Other KKI products include:

  • KDB 600 double broom
  • KDB 200 plate broom
  • KSU 300 switch undercutter
  • KBC 1100 bridge crane
  • KAT anchor transporter
  • KUV 750 utility vehicle
  • KTR 400 tie replacer

For more information on these and other products and services please visit the Knox Kershaw website or make an enquiry below.

Convertible Gauge Ballast Regulators

The KBR 925C is Knox Kershaw's first convertible gauge ballast regulator. It can be converted from standard (1435mm) gauge to one of three broad gauges (1520mm, 1600mm, 1676mm).

KBR 860

Knox Kershaw introduced the latest version of its compact, 'contractor grade', ballast regulator, the KBR 860.

KBR 925

The KBR 925 features heavy-duty, durable components, excellent operator visibility, and quick and safe access to major components. The plows are fabricated from 12in channel and 1in plate, as well as a 5in center shaft with hinges for plow blades to be bolted.

KSF 940 Snow Fighter

The KSF 940 is KKI's purpose built snow fighter. Weighting in at 50,000lbs, it features 36in tall wings with a 16ft reach. Plow options include a high speed V plow or a four season plow with bolt on curls.

Tie Cranes

The KTC 1200 Tie Handling Crane is a heavy duty crane used for moving ties / sleepers of up to 1200lbs (544kg) at a radius of 24ft (7.32m) from the track center.

KKA1000 Kribber Adzer Video

Check out how little operator guidance the newly updated Knox Kershaw Kribber Adzer needs to maintain an optimal cutting depth.

KSF 940 Snow Fighter Video

Watch how this powerful snow fighter plows through hard packed snow and blows snow from switches up to 30ft to either side of the track.

KKI Ballast Regulators

Knox Kershaw's ballast regulators are designed for serious ballast movement. They come with additions such as reversible wings, broom boxes and industrial-strength ploughs. This means that ballast can be shifted from one shoulder to the other in a single pass.

Northgate Link Extension Light Rail Project

The 4.3 mile-long (6.9km) Northgate Link light rail extension will connect four major urban centres to the existing Central Link, as well as the University link light rail segment to the Northgate business and retail centre in Seattle, Washington, US.

Knox Kershaw Releases Free Brochure

You can now download a new free white paper from Knox Kershaw. The document is titled Improving the Productivity of Railway Maintenance.