KSF 940

The KSF 940 is KKI’s purpose built snow fighter. Weighting in at 50,000lbs, it features 36in tall wings with a 16ft reach. Plow options include a high speed V plow or a four season plow with bolt on curls.

The broom features an auger and blower assembly to clear snow from switches. The snow switch cleaner can blow snow over 20 feet. The cab can accommodate a second operator’s seat and two additional passengers. All KSF 940s come standard with auxiliary CAB engines and hydraulic tank heaters for work in the extreme cold.

The KSF 940 cab has unique window placement for unsurpassed operator visibility. The tilt feature provides access to major components. The side mounted heater and A / C provide a clean roof line, with no maintenance components on the roof. The pressurized cab has improved headroom, and standard joystick controls.

In warm weather conditions the snow fighter has the option of being converted to a ballast regulator and can be equipped with diamond mower brush cutter attachments for vegetation control. The boom actuator comes with 90° movement forward and 75° rearward. It has a high-load bearing capacity and comes with a breakaway feature to prevent stress on the boom.

  • Length w / snow equipment – 40ft – 10in
  • Length w / ballast equipment – 36ft – 6in
  • Width – 10ft – 7in
  • Height – 11ft – 1in
  • Weight – 50,000lbs / 22,727kg
  • Wheelbase – 16ft – 0in