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Adhesive Manufacturer for the Railway Industry

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Master Bond manufactures a wide range of epoxy, silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, cyanoacrylate, and UV cure systems for the assembly of transportation equipment. Specific Master Bond grades include:

  • High bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Improved durability
  • High and low temperature serviceability
  • Resistance to vibration, impact, shock and thermal cycling
  • Withstands exposure to a wide range of chemicals and water
  • Superior electrical insulation properties
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Compliance with UL94V-0 flame-retardant specification
  • Ambient, elevated temperature or UV cures
  • NASA low-outgassing approved

Vibration, shock, and impact-resistant adhesives for railways

Master Bond’s vibration, shock, and impact-resistant bonding systems are designed to offer superior quality and long-term durability.

With a well-deserved reputation for superb performance upon exposure to hostile environmental conditions, our vibration, impact and shock resistant compounds are successfully employed in the transportation and railway industries. They are used in applications ranging from design and production to repair, maintenance and field service.

We offer systems with properties that enable them to be used in a wide variety of industry applications. Examples include electrical and thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, low shrinkage, optical clarity, abrasion resistance, fast curing, and gap-filling.

Master Bond epoxy adhesives are used in a wide range of transportation applications.
We specialize in electronic applications and offer a wide variety of one and two-component epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes.
Master Bond polymer system EP27 is a unique two-component epoxy formulation that offers relatively fast cures at temperatures as low as 40°F and below.
Two-component, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive, Master Bond EP21HT, possesses superb electrical insulation properties and withstands exposure to thermal cycling.
EP34AN has outstanding dimensional stability, a low coefficient of expansion, and high thermal conductivity.

Two-component epoxies

Epoxies are the most widely used polymeric materials for adhesives, sealants, coatings, pottings / encapsulations, and impregnants. Two-part systems can be cured at either room temperature or elevated temperatures.

Epoxies offer unique versatility in application and performance. Their most desirable properties include high bond strength to a wide variety of different substrates, outstanding gap-filling capabilities, excellent electrical insulation, high chemical inertness and exceptional resistance to shock and vibration.

Special formulations are available, including systems with thermal conductivity (electrically insulating) for heat dissipation, electrically conductive systems, systems for cryogenic applications, as well as systems with high performance in the most hostile environmental conditions. Viscosities and cure times can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

Shock and vibration-resistant two-part epoxy

One of our most popular products is Master Bond EP21TDCHT, a two-part epoxy with a convenient 1:1 mix ratio. Featuring high peel strength, it has excellent shock and vibration resistance and is serviceable from -100°F to 350°F.

EP51 is a fast-setting epoxy with long-term durability, high strength, and tough bonds that are remarkably resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals.

Another noteworthy adhesive, Supreme 10HT has a unique blend of performance properties — such as high shear and peel strengths — coupled with convenient handling with no mixing prior to use. It forms high-strength bonds serviceable over the wide temperature range of 4°F to 400°F.

As a toughened system, Supreme 10HT offers superior resistance to impact, thermal shock, vibration and stress fatigue cracking. Steelmaster 43HT is a high-performance, stainless-steel filled two-component epoxy resin system for the cost-effective repair, maintenance, rebuilding, restoring and resealing of worn or damaged metallic components. It is also an excellent adhesive for bonding carbide to steel in OEM or repair situations, particularly when high compressive strength is needed.

Adhesive packaging for railway products

We offer a wide array of convenient packaging alternatives as well as easy application to speed productivity, minimize waste and save energy. These include:

  • Quantities from grams to gallons
  • Cans, bottles and jars
  • Cartridges for manual and pneumatic guns
  • Premixed and frozen syringes
  • Bipaks for field service kits

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