KTC 1200

The KTC 1200 Tie Handling Crane is a heavy duty crane used for moving ties / sleepers of up to 1200lbs (544kg) at a radius of 24ft (7.32m) from the track center.

The all welded, reinforced construction of the upper deck and mainframe withstands loading, and provides long life to the equipment. Its powerful arm rotates 360° and can be outfitted with a tie or basket grapple. The minimal tail swing reduces the possibility of fouling the adjacent track, improving the efficiency of the tie gang.

The KTC 2000 Tie Crane has a range of movement that sets it apart from other cranes. It is capable of handling 1200lbs at a radius of 24ft from the track centerline. The upper deck is capable of 360° rotation, as is the tie grapple. The boom swing moves independently of the deck, and can swing 120°- 60° each side of center. This allows the machine to work efficiently in tight clearances where deck rotation is inhibited.