KBR 925

The KBR 925 features heavy-duty, durable components, excellent operator visibility, and quick and safe access to major components. The plows are fabricated from 12in channel and 1in plate, as well as a 5in center shaft with hinges for plow blades to be bolted.

The KBR 925’s rear-engine location provides unmatched visibility on wing and plow operations. The tilt cab feature allows access to major components, which include pumps, valve banks and transmission. The clean roof line is accomplished by using a side-mounted, hydraulically powered AC unit and side-mounted lights.

Ballast wings, available in standard or variable width, use large tubing and fabricated glider boxes to connect to the mainframe. Standard template doors are fixed and articulated wing templates are optional, depending on the customer’s choice.
Standard broom boxes have a broom housing with a 45° deflector that can be hydraulically raised. The broom reel contains 228 Knox Knocker II elements to quickly sweep away ballast.

The reversing broom is constructed from a 3 / 8 T-1 and uses both a 45° deflector at the front and a set of 45° baffles in the rear (machine side of the broom) for sweeping away from switches, road crossings and short runs of track.

  • Length – 38ft – 0in
  • Width – 10ft – 7in
  • Height – 11ft – 2in
  • Weight – 44,000lbs
  • Wheelbase – 16ft – 0in
  • Wheel Diameter – 28ft