Ergonomics, material suitability, styling and cost-effectiveness are key factors in the selection of railway coach interiors.

Modern passenger coaches, furnished with unique interior concepts, state-of-the-art onboard railway systems and amenities to improve passenger comfort and experience, are increasingly in demand.

Top suppliers of railway coach manufacturing and interior design

Based on its experience in the sector, Railway Technology has listed leading suppliers of passenger rail coaches and interiors. The products offered include express passenger coaches, mainline passenger coaches, dining cars, railway coach designs, interior and exterior styling, custom fabrics and seating, surfaces, furnishings, and lighting systems.

Some of the suppliers also offer tailor-made railway coach designs to meet the requirements for new rolling stock or refurbish existing passenger cars for metros, tramways and high-speed or long-distance railways.

The information available is useful for procurement officers, coachbuilders, rail interior designers, train maintenance technicians, operators and other individuals involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of passenger coaches.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as their product offerings and contact details to help with purchasing decisions.

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Passenger coaches and interiors for railways

Passenger coaches and interior products and solutions offered for rolling stock operators include:

  • Long-distance passenger coaches, saloon coaches and sleeping cars
  • Passenger railway interiors, station planning and design
  • Interior solutions and maintenance services
  • Seats and toilet modules
  • Passenger access products
  • Air-conditioning
  • On-board electronics and communication solutions
  • Standard and sunlight-readable displays for public information and advertising

High-quality railway interiors

Custom-designed, wear-resistant railway interiors such as window panels, partition walls, screen covers, luggage racks, ceilings, doors and fairings, enable rail vehicle designers and operators to configure their rolling stock according to operational requirements.

Durability, functionality and aesthetics are important to consider when selecting materials for passenger coach interiors. High-strength aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, polymers, composites and renewable materials are some commonly used materials.