Faster Development of Sale, Smart Railway Solutions with SIL-Level COTS Components

Smart railways require smart control and management systems that must often meet the highest safety requirements up to SIL 4.

With SIL pre-certified modular commercial off-the-shelf platforms (COTS) such systems can be developed faster and more cost-effectively than ever. menTCS, the train control system (TCS) from MEN Mikro Elektronik, is the world's first modular development kit to meet rail safety specifications.

More intelligence for trains and tracks

In the coming years, the digitalization of the rail industry will be the dominant task for train and track operators as well as for the OEMs and automation vendors that supply them.

The aim is to make rail transport safer, more efficient and customer-friendly. The buzzword for this is smart railways: Increasingly intelligent trains and infrastructures allow closer, more precise monitoring and hence tighter train scheduling.

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