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Rail and Intermodal Automatic Equipment Identification

8600 Jefferson NE,
NM 87113,
United States of America

8600 Jefferson NE,
NM 87113,
United States of America

TransCore is a pioneer of radio-frequency identification (RFID) based automatic equipment identification (AEI) in transportation.

The company offers a suite of high-performance, RFID-based rail products designed to meet the toughest conditions in the most demanding passenger and wayside rail applications.

RFID technology and wayside rail systems

In 1991, the North American rail industry adopted a mandatory AEI standard based on TransCore’s technology. Since that success, there have been many others in countries worldwide.

TransCore’s rail products provide an accurate, easy and reliable way to collect critical data. This allows rail, port, marine and trucking companies to electronically track and monitor assets effectively, which results in increased equipment use and reduced re-handles, dwell time and overhead.

TransCore is always improving its technology, and applications evolve with those advancements. Recent innovations include high speed reading / writing capabilities, memory capacity, and on-the-fly programming with security features.

For more information on TransCore’s wayside solutions, please watch this video.

Battery-free transportation tags for railroads

TransCore’s battery-free transportation tags are designed for years of continued and reliable use in the harshest railroad operating environments. The North American rail industry adopted these tags in their AEI standard because of their durability and reliable performance when exposed to the most extreme environmental conditions, such as snow, ice, rain, dirt, oil and severe temperatures.

The requirements of the standard were stringent; tags must last the lifetime of the equipment they are affixed to, require no maintenance, and operate indefinitely with 99% reliability.

RFID train positioning technology

For decades, TransCore has provided AEI solutions in passenger rail that help improve safety, passenger comfort and profitability. The technology provides accurate position information, so the train’s on-board control system can determine speed and distances. TransCore products enable a variety of solutions based on your requirements and applications.

For more information on TransCore’s train positioning technology, please watch this video.

Over 80 years of trusted transportation solutions

TransCore solutions offer exceptional quality control, continued technological advancements, and products designed to meet the most current standards around the world. Accurate and reliable information are the cornerstones of streamlined, profitable and safe transportation operations.

With more than 104 million tags and 106 million readers installed across 51 countries on five continents, TransCore is a global leader in transportation AEI. Freight and mass transit agencies around the world trust TransCore’s RFID-based systems to achieve efficient, profitable and safe operations.

Encompass® 1 Rugged Flex

The TransCore E1R Flex can withstand a variety of harsh work environments, including hot and dusty conditions or cold and damp weather. The multiple comfort grips accommodate right or left-hand use.

MPRX Reader

The MPRX Multiprotocol Reader is a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader that can be used in railway applications with adverse conditions.

Rail RFID Solutions: IUH PeopleMover

The Indiana University Health (IUH) PeopleMover is an elevated train that transports patients, families, and IUH team members between IU Health Methodist Hospital, University Hospital, and Riley Children's Hospital at the Indiana University-Purdue University campus.


8600 Jefferson NE


NM 87113

United States of America