Transcore E1R Flex

The TransCore E1R Flex can withstand a variety of harsh work environments, including hot and dusty conditions or cold and damp weather. The multiple comfort grips accommodate right or left-hand use.

The hardened seven-inch touchscreen automatically switches from landscape to portrait view, and the screen automatically adjusts for viewing in bright sunlight. You can easily key in information with the convenient built-in QWERTY keyboard. The E1R Flex combines ample storage and memory with a fast dual-core processor, offering the user unparalleled utility in today’s demanding workplace.

The E1R Flex is designed for electronic vehicle registration and compliance; rail and fleet applications; electronic toll collection; and government, airport, and parking / security access applications.

The E1R Flex can read from eGo Plus tags (in SeGo and eGo protocols), eGo tags, Wiegand formatted tags, Allegro tags, Association of American Railroads (AAR) tags, American Trucking Associations ISO 10374 (ATA) tags programmed as full frame or half frame, and CALTRANS Title 21 tags.

The E1R Flex can verify tag read exceptions encountered at fixed reader RFID sites, such as commercial, private, government, and airport parking facilities.

The E1R Flex can write to eGo Plus tags in SeGo and eGo protocols in authenticated mode, eGo tags, and IT2000 tags.