The TMR 3WIR and TMR 6WIR series are small 3W and 6W DC/DC converters for railways.

The design purpose of these series was to miniaturise low power DC/DC converters for railway application to the maximum without sacrificing high efficency. The converters are contained in a SIP-8 metal case.

Features include:

  • Ultra wide 4:1 Input: 9VDC-36VDC, 18VDC-75VDC, 43VDC-160VDC
  • Miniaturised to the maximum
  • EN 50155 railway approval
  • I/O-isolation 3,000VDC
  • High efficiency for low thermal loss
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 90°C
  • Remote on / off
  • Short circuit protection
  • 3-year product warranty

They operate up to 78°C environment temperature at full load and up to 90°C with a 50% load derating.

With EN 50155 and UL 62368-1 (UL 60950-1) certification, 3,000VDC I/O-isolation voltage, external on / off, current limitation and short current protection they cover a wide range of application when space is limited.

The input of the converters is designed for a wide voltage range (4:1) and minimum load is not required