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Power Supplies, Converters and Inverters

TRACO ELECTRONIC AG is a leading rail power supply specialist, with 35 years of experience in designing sophisticated power conversion products.

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TRACO ELECTRONIC AG is a leading rail power supply specialist, with 35 years of experience in designing sophisticated power conversion products. TRACO POWER is the registered trademark it uses to provide AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters. With 3,500 active products it provides a broadest line card, with a very high stock availability.

Efficient managment of rail power demands

TRACO’s goal is to provide the most effective cost-to-performance ratio for demanding applications. Its designers focus on producing products with high efficiency and effective heat dispersal. This is particularly clear in the company’s isolating power conversion products, where high power dissipation and excellent thermal management are the base for a long lifetime and high reliability.

Most product series are adjusted for reliable and durable operation in harsh environments. They use high grade components, ruggedised construction, and integrated protection circuits. These features, together with a convenient safety approval package, make TRACO POWER products an ideal solution for demanding applications.

DC/DC converters for railway applications

With the long time experience in designing robust power conversion products we decided in 2010 to adjust some series particularly for the Railway market. TRACO POWER provides rugged DC/DC converters of 8W to 200W that come along with the approval in accordance to the EN50155 standard.
The main upgrades for to meet this railway standard are:

The TEN-8WI Series can handle 8W in a DIP 24 metal casing.
The TEN-40WIR Series comes with 40W in a 2in by 1in metal casing.
The TEP-150WI Series is a highly-reliable 150W DC/DC converter with protection against over-heating, overload, short-circuit, reverse input, over-voltage and input under-voltage lock-out.
The TEP-200WIR Series 200W is a chassis-mount package with screw terminal blocks and very high efficiency.
The TEQ300 is a robust and compact 300 Watt DC/DC converter for chassis-mounts (railway approved).
TRACO provides ruggedized 20W and 40W DC/DC converters with ultra-wide 4:1 input ranges up to 160VDC.
  • Increased EMC immunity against surge, burst, radiated and conducted disturbances
  • Input voltage ranges cover the nominal 24VDC, 36VDC, 72VDC and 110VDC with ±40 % tolerance
  • Shock, vibration and thermal shock-handling, in accordance to EN61373 and MIL-STD-810F

The convertors are available for PCB or chassis mount and comply with the latest release of safety standards IEC/EN60950-1 and UL60950-1. They are hard to destroy; with protection against overheating, overload, short-circuit, reverse input, overvoltage and input under-voltage lock-out.

Power supplies, converters and inverters for the rail industry

With our broad team of application engineers and designers, we are aligned to respond to the increasing requirements in terms of safety, specification and performance. It is our aim to provide an optimised price performance not only for commodity, but also purpose-built customised products in lower volumes. Around 90% of our 3,500 products are available in stock, in Switzerland, in low and mid-size volumes and with very flexible production lines we can offer short lead times for high volumes.

Further TRACOPOWER product ranges include:

  • Medical DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies
  • Reinforced isolation and safety approval to IEC/EN60601-1 and ES60601 for two MOPPs
  • DC/DC Converter Modules 1W to 240W for surface, trough-hole or chassis assembly
  • Encapsulated AC/DC power modules 2W to 100W for industrial and residential environment; energy-efficient in compliance to ErP directive
  • AC/DC power supplies open frame and encased 10W to 1,000W
  • Industrial power supplies for DIN-rail mounting 12W to 960W
  • Ruggedised series for harsh and hazardous environments
  • Building automation, and household appliance, power supplies for distribution boards, under-wall mounting and waterproof models
  • Semi-customised AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters up to 22kW

TEQ 20WIR and TEQ 40WIR Series

TRACO provides ruggedized 20W and 40W DC/DC converters for chassis mount, with ultra-wide 4:1 input ranges up to 160VDC.

Features include:

  • Environment temperature range -40°C to 92°C
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Approved to EN 50155 and 61373 for railway applications
  • Protection against short-circuit over / under voltage
  • Input filter according EN 55032 class B

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