Swedish train operator SJ has decided to employ the Trimble® R2M real-time remote diagnostics system and Trimble C2M railway component condition monitoring system.

Deploying the Trimble systems will enable SJ to improve its real-time status monitoring and analytics capability by accessing up-to-date fleet status to improve fleet availability and reliability while also reducing costs and improving safety.

Trimble R2M processes diagnostic data from rail vehicles in real time to provide a comprehensive view of overall fleet status including specific and potential vehicle faults. The R2M system analyses and detects anomalies in on-vehicle component behavior to identify the status of component health and the possible impact this behavior may have on the vehicle as well as the overall fleet.

SJ will use the system to optimise maintenance and reduce costs by performing maintenance when needed rather than after a fixed interval.

The Trimble C2M system will enable SJ to make proactive planning decisions, based on condition monitoring data. The system provides full monitoring: identifying the condition of all the key components being monitored by wayside systems and reporting on defect identification and wear detection.

C2M proactively analyses and detects anomalies with particular component behavior and uses this information to identify the impact on maintenance and service for the entire fleet. Use of the C2M system will improve SJ’s ability to determine the fleet’s operational status and give them the ability to make data-driven decisions about when to undertake maintenance and assist root cause analysis.

“SJ recognises the benefits of current and updated status monitoring and analytics as a cornerstone in improving operations,” said Lars Lindberg, head of fleet management, SJ. “SJ is a technologically advanced company that is continuously seeking innovative solutions to simplify processes and lower costs. By implementing the Trimble systems, SJ can improve its capability in remote diagnostics and analysis to identify potential fleet improvements, detect faults before breakdowns occur and increase the planning horizon of maintenance.”

“Because Trimble’s rail asset lifecycle management products are an interoperable solution suite, SJ has been able to implement a seamless solution that meets their needs,” said Tomas Larsson, general manager of Trimble Rail Solutions Business. “The deployment of both Trimble R2M and C2M means SJ will maximise benefits with remote diagnostics, condition monitoring and analytics delivered via one interface providing a consolidated view of on-train and wayside systems.”