After a two-year testing period, the BREMEX ANNSYS system installed in Perovo marshaling yard, Moscow, was homologated by Russian Railways RŽD on 31 July 2015.

During the probation, it was found that the BREMEX ANNSYS system reduces the noise to 25dBA while the braking process corresponds to technical tasks. Before installation of the system the braking process of five-seven wagon in composition generated 120dBA, while with the system the braking noise reaches up to 93dBA.

The technology of the system is based on a special friction modifier, an ecologically friendly CHFC material, which is also crucial for reducing the wearing out of systems including braking pads, wagon wheels, and rail frogs. With the BREMEX ANNSYS system, brake wearing was decreased by eight times from 25mm-30 mm in September 2012, to 4-5mm during the same period in 2013.

Taking into account the average consumption of the friction modifier (CHFC material), the system decreases total costs, considering retarders and rail frogs, for more than RUB2.75m per year (€38.850/year).

Perhaps the greatest indicator of the positive effects is the number of the complaints from the citizens about the noise from marshalling yard. The number of complaints from the citizens in 2013 was more than 100. In 2015, there were no complaints from the inhabitants.