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Firstco has successfully integrated Heathrow Express’ CCTV network into the British Transport Police’s (BTP) London CCTV Hub system.

Firstco, experts in networking, surveillance and CCTV control systems, has designed and installed the networks and software necessary to serve up Heathrow Express station images to the CCTV hub. This involved high bandwidth private networks with state-of-the-art security upgraded interfaces to permit live feeds and historical image retrieval.

The British Transport Police’s new London CCTV hub, launched in May, provides access to 33,000 cameras belonging to Transport for London, Network Rail and 13 rail operators in London and the South East, including Heathrow Express. Heathrow Express has been collaborating with British Transport Police to incorporate CCTV images from their own network.

Andy Watkinson, Firstco Senior Engineer: "As Firstco designed and installed the majority of the station systems at Heathrow Express, we have a detailed knowledge of the security architecture deployed across the campus. We also have extensive experience in a variety of CCTV protocols, which means that we are able to facilitate a cost- effective and technically robust solution between the BTP Hub and Heathrow."

The CCTV Hub is aimed to help combat crime and anti-social behaviour, giving necessary reassurance to passengers and to provide a real deterrent to those with intent on committing crimes.

Firstco has been working as systems support contractors to Heathrow Express for ten years. This includes full maintenance and support of the station systems. Firstco also implemented the Heathrow Express Control Room upgrade designing all aspects of the communications infrastructure.