From May 2010, Voith Turbo will deliver a comprehensive cooling system to the Spanish vehicle manufacturer CAF, which is producing eight push-pull units for Saudi Arabia to be configured as six-car diesel-electric trains.

The power cars feature two MTU diesel engines, each rated at 1,800kW. Capable of speeds of 200km/hr, the trains will drive through the Saudi Arabian desert. This means service under extreme conditions. Dust, sand storms and temperatures of up to 55°C will take their toll on the trains. Reliable and robust cooling is therefore indispensable.

As long stretches of the Saudi Arabian rail network are not electrified, the CAF trains will be fitted with diesel-electric drive systems. The cooling system for the eight trains will be supplied by Voith Turbo.

It is composed of a hydrostatic roof-mounted cooling system, an electric inverter roof cooling tower, as well as drive motor and machine room ventilation. The outstanding feature of this cooling system is its combination of a compactly installed roof-mounted cooling system for the MTU diesel engine and the roof cooling tower for the IGBT inverter.