The new Voith Turbo Scharfenberg coupler head One4 was launched at InnoTrans in 2006. Since then, it has been installed in over 2,000 vehicles. Train operators utilise the advantages of the One4. These are: fast delivery, quick assembly and affordable repairs in the event of accidents.

The operating principle could not be simpler: in a rail vehicle, the coupler almost always comprises an energy absorption element and the actual coupler head. In the event of minor accidents, it was often necessary in the past to exchange the entire coupler complete with its energy absorption element – because it constituted one single unit.

With the One4, module design now also applies to coupler construction. In the event of accidents that do not affect the actual energy absorption elements, the One4 coupler only requires a replacement of the front plate and not the entire coupler element. Not only can this be carried out very quickly, it also saves the vehicle operator expensive repairs. Thanks to the module design, Voith Turbo Scharfenberg is able to store larger quantities of this product. Vehicle operators benefit from this by short delivery times.

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg produces approximately 4,000 couplers per year for all kinds of rail vehicles. According to Schaku sales manager Holger Costard, in the last two years alone over 2,000 One4 couplers were delivered – with more in the pipeline. Today, the share of One4 couplers already takes up 70% of all new orders.

The One4 can be installed in light rail systems, metros and high-speed trains. The metro trains in the Paris suburbs and in Dubai, just as the new high speed trains in Korea (KTX II), Spain (Talgo) and of course the ICE 3, drive with One4 couplers.