The traction inverter is another core component of the electro-mechanical drive system of Voith Turbo. As a result, the competency of Voith Turbo in rail vehicles now ranges from vehicle process control technology up to the entire driveline, consisting of high-voltage equipment, traction inverter and transformer to the motor-gear unit with final drives and bearings. Voith Turbo is thus in a position to offer a drive system that is optimised to the customer’s actual requirements.

The development of the inverters is based on the latest technologies available in the market. The compact three-phase inverter for modern drive systems with asynchronous motors is optimally adapted to all other drive components, such as motor, transmission and drive control. Thanks to the anti-wheel spin function that is an integral part of the inverter electronics, wear in the driveline is reduced independently and with short reaction times, while driving comfort is increased. With this feature, Voith Turbo has thus further optimised the key component inverter in electrical drivelines.

A major field of application are light rail vehicles (LRV). To date, numerous LRVs have already been fitted with drive components from Voith Turbo, such as final drives, motor-gear units and Scharfenberg couplers. Lars Kräft, Sales Manager at Voith Turbo GmbH, is convinced “that the new inverter and the entry into the systems business for electric rail vehicle represents a sensible expansion of our existing product portfolio and will significantly increase our business volume”. The development and the production of the inverters, just as the systems engineering, will be carried out at Voith Turbo in St. Pölten, Austria.