Martek Power, recognised as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of power supplies and power converters, will exhibit several new railway qualified products at Railtex 2011, the 10th international exhibition of railway equipment systems and service which runs for three days from 14 June.

Martek’s booth C51 will feature an extensive range of ‘on board’ power converters in various form factors. These will range from 10W IP65 encapsulated modules to 19in rack mount Eurocard units on up to 500W bulkhead power chassis modules the majority of which are compliant with both EN51055 and RIA standards.

The new CCR050 Series of DC/DC converters was designed by Martek to satisfy the majority of rolling stock DC power applications with a single unit thanks to its very wide input voltage range. As a result, users are able to specify the same power supply no matter what the input voltage demanded by the application. The power supplies comply fully with the requirements of EN50155 for railway applications, including EN 50121-3-2, EN55011 and EN 61373.

The CCR050 converters accept a very wide nominal input voltage range from 24VDC to 110VDC (16.8VDC to 137.5VDC) and provide up to 50W. Nominal output voltage is 24VDC, models with alternative output voltages are available on request. Efficiency levels are better than 85% at 72V input voltage.

Key features include reverse input voltage protection, over voltage protection, permanent short circuit protection and inrush current limitation. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +70°C without derating. CCR050 Series converters feature faston terminals for both input and output connections and are available open frame or housed in a simple metal enclosure. The open frame version measures 105mm x 100mm x 35.5mm.

Martek’s JL series has been expanded and the new additions will be displayed at Railtex 2011. The JLM and JLHM units are rated at 35W and 50W respectively and offer all the features and benefits of the standard range, including full EN50155 compliance, but in a much smaller footprint. The open frame version of both products measures just 115 x 85 x 22mm, which is less than half the overall size of the original units making them ideal for customers wishing to install a converter in their equipment and where space is limited. For chassis mount applications, an enclosed version is also available. The JLM & JLHM series are available with output voltages from 5 to 110V and all the typical railway input voltages are catered for.

Another addition to the JL Series is a conduction-cooled version developed by Martek in response to an increase in applications where the power supply is mounted inside a sealed enclosure. Outputs can be specified between 5Vdc and 110Vdc and the units have a footprint of just 135mm x 85mm including the mounting plate. With efficiencies approaching 90%, the conduction cooled versions help to minimise any temperature rise within the host equipment.

The MBRH series extends the established and highly popular MBR series to an output power of 25W while retaining the same physical envelope and mechanical platform as existing 15W models. Like earlier models, the MBRH units are fully encapsulated DC/DC converters available in single and dual output configurations with outputs available from 5 to 48V. All models meet applicable railway industry standards – RIA, EN50155 and EN50121.3.2 and,unlike competitive modules, the MBRH units require no additional external components for EMI filtering and 10ms EN51055 S2 hold up time. All models are available for either PCB or bulkhead mounting.