Martek Power, an industry leader in power supplies designed specifically for railway applications, announces significant additions to its industry leading Powertron® family of DC/DC converters.

The new DC/DC converters are extensions to Martek’s established and successful JL series of open frame units originally designed for on-board passenger information systems.

The new JLM and JLHM converters are rated at 35W and 50W respectively and offer all of the features and benefits of the standard range, including full EN50155 compliance, but in a much smaller footprint. Both JLM and JLHM units can accept the wide range of typical railway input voltages and outputs can be specified between 5VDC – 110VDC.

The open frame version of both products measures just 115mm x 85mm x 22mm, which is less than half the overall size of the original range. This makes the power supply ideal for customers wishing to install a converter in their own equipment where space is limited.

For chassis mount applications an enclosed version is also available.