Some 350 vehicles of the Regio Shuttle are already in operation. In line with the exhaust regulations that will come into force in 2009 (Stage III a), new Regio Shuttles will not only receive new diesel engines. For the modified vehicle, Voith Turbo will also supply a technical package consisting of turbo transmission and cooling system. The first prototypes of this upgraded vehicle will be delivered in December 2006.

The Regio Shuttle is fitted with a Voith DIWA D 864 transmission, as well as a V 863 helical gear designed as reversing gear, allowing a parallel arrangement of engine and DIWA transmission. The complete drive unit including cooling system is installed in front of the drive axle underneath the car body. As a result, the vehicle can be designed with a low-floor area of 65 percent.

For the modification of the Regio Shuttle built by Stadler Pankow, Voith Turbo has signed an exclusive agreement. This agreement states that all new stage III a vehicles will be fitted with a new underfloor cooling system, a DIWA transmission and a reversing gear, as well as a hydrostatic generator drive. This technical modification not only meets the exhaust regulations coming into force in 2009, but also increases the maximum speed of the vehicle from 120 km/h to 140 km/h.

At present, Voith Turbo is building two prototypes of these drive systems for the first prototype vehicle to be delivered in December 2006. Test runs of the new vehicle will begin in February 2007. Each vehicle features two transmissions and cooling units, as the single-car dual-direction vehicle has two driven axles. The exclusive agreement includes an option for another 200 units.

The Regio Shuttle offers room for a maximum of 160 passengers. Depending on the interior design, up to 75 of them can be seated; there are also a further 25 folding seats. Additionally, the generously spaced passenger area offers standing room for up to 109 people.