Martek Power has extended its technology leadership in power supplies designed specifically for railway applications, with the introduction of a DC/DC converter designed to satisfy the majority of rolling stock DC power applications with a single unit. As a result, users are able to specify the same power supply no matter what the input voltage demanded by the application.

The CCR050 Series DC/DC converters accept a very wide nominal input voltage range from 24VDC – 110VDC (16.8VDC – 137.5VDC) and provide up to 50W. Nominal output voltage is 24VDC; models with alternative output voltages are available on request. Efficiency levels are better than 85% at 72V input voltage.

They comply fully with the requirements of EN50155 for railway applications, including EN 50121-3-2, EN55011 and EN 61373.

Key features include reverse input voltage protection, over voltage protection, permanent short circuit protection and inrush current limitation. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +70°C without derating.

CCR050 Series converters feature faston terminals for both input and output connections and are available open frame or housed in a simple metal enclosure. The open frame version measures 105mm x 100mm x 35.5mm.