In collaboration with the Polish rail vehicle manufacturer PESA, Voith Turbo will deliver 26 Custompacks to the private regional railway operator FSE (Ferrovie del Sud-Est) in Bari. The Voith Turbo Custompacks will be delivered in close co-operation with the Polish vehicle manufacturer, in order to allow in-house purchasing and, above all, in-house production and assembly by PESA. Voith Turbo has carried out a similar systems partnership with PESA for the Polish market.

For the new order in Italy, 13 vehicles will be equipped with two drive units each, adapted to the local operating and environmental conditions.

The vehicles with the type number 219M consist of three sections. The middle section is, however, not driven. Apart from the Voith Custompack, Voith Turbo will also supply a hydrostatically driven roof-mounted cooling system, as well as cardan shafts and SK and KE-485 final drives.

For this first export order of the Polish vehicle manufacturer PESA, the auxiliary systems concept for controlling the air conditioning had to be completely redesigned and extended in comparison to the Custompack already in service in Poland. The air conditioning system for the vehicles will be upgraded and adapted to allow significantly higher outputs, in order to cope with the high summer temperatures in the Italian region of Apulia.

The vehicles have been designed for maximum speeds of 120 km/h. The PESA trains for Bari will be built in Poland. Delivery of the first systems for the new PESA vehicles has been scheduled for February 2007. Apart from the 13 vehicles already on order, Voith Turbo has an option for another 30 Custompacks to be installed into another 15, 219M trains from 2009.