The InteGRail project will create a holistic, coherent information system to integrate the major railway sub-systems and deliver a higher level of coordination and cooperation between the key railway processes. The objective is to achieve higher levels of performance of the railway system in terms of capacity, average speed and punctuality, safety and the optimized use of resources.

InteGRail will enable information to be shared within the railway world to enable optimization of decision making for improved performance. To achieve this, it will:

  • Identify the information that is needed to be shared
  • Ensure that the right information can be obtained
  • Identify ways of using the information more effectively for maintenance optimization
  • Identify ways of combining and using information effectively for management requirements
  • Ensure that the information can be transmitted effectively to the decision makers
  • Demonstrate that creating the right information and sharing it will enable performance improvement

InteGRail will NOT replace existing systems. It will be used in conjunction with existing systems.

InteGRail is a four-year project of around €20 million, started at the beginning of 2005. The project runs under the sixth EU Framework Programme FP6. The project will built on results achieved by previous projects in the fourth and fifth FP (ROSIN, TainCom, EuRoMain) and will coooperate with parallel projects in FP6 (e.g. ModTrain). The project InteGRail is coordinated by UNIFE, the association of Europe’s railway supply industry. InteGRail regroups 40 partners from the complete railway sector: manufacturers, sub-suppliers, railway undertakings, infrastructure managers, academia and research centers e.g. Alstom Transport, Czech Railways, Kontron, Trenitalia, UIC, etc.

The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) is the European Community Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration 2002 to 2006. It supports research cooperation and integration of research efforts, promotes mobility and co-ordination and invests in mobilizing research in support of other EU policies. It is the main instrument of the European Communities for the realization of the European Research Area.