The representatives of Bombardier Transportation, the global leader in rail technology visited Interpipe NTRP, producer of the railway wheels under KLW brand. The delegation of Bombardier Transportation included top procurement people from the UK, Germany and Poland. The main reason for the visit was to have primary evaluation of KLW production facilities and their possibilities to provide railway wheels for the bogies.

During the visit representatives of Bombardier Transportation visited the wheel rolling mill, testing laboratory and reviewed technical documentation. The members of delegation have also revised all the processes under quality management system from the ordering to shipping, including appreciation of customer’s satisfaction, quality control at all the stages of production, purchase management and products realisation.

The Bombardier representatives were satisfied with developments happening at the mill and particularly outlined the state-of-the-art mill’s finishing facilities and up to date non-destructive testing lines. They also noticed that the start-up of the new mill Interpipe Steel would strength KLW advantages in the means of the steel quality of railway wheels.

Michael Iskov, director for railway wheel sales at Interpipe said:

“Bombardier Transportation is one of the strategic partners for Interpipe. We have near five years of successful partnership in supplies of railway wheels for the group. The major supplies were intended for the company’s rolling stock repair. At the moment Bombardier is looking for the new possibilities of cooperation and considers KLW as a potential supplier for the new built projects.”