Absopulse Electronics DCW 153R series, a triple-output railway quality DC / DC converter, utilises high-efficiency power conversion topology to deliver 100W output power. It provides 24Vdc / 2A (main), 12Vdc / 2A (V2) and 5.1Vdc / 4A (V3). All outputs are fully regulated, floating and isolated from each other and it has 1000V isolation between the outputs and 3000Vdc input to output isolation.

Nominal input voltages are 24Vdc (15-34V range), 48Vdc (29-67V range), 72Vdc (43-101V range), 96Vdc (58-135V range) or 110Vdc (66-154V range), in compliance with EN50155. Other input and output values are available on request.

This series is suitable for a wide range of railway applications. It meets all relevant standards for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock including EN50155, EN50121-3-2 conducted and radiated EMI, EN55022 Class B, and EN61000 immunity.

The DCW 153R series operates at full specification over a -25°C to +55°C cold-plate temperature range. Cooling is by conduction to customer heat sink or chassis and by natural convection. This series is housed in a compact, vented enclosure that measures 114mm x 58mm x 256mm. A green output ON LED is visible through the cooling slots.

Environmental protection includes full ruggdising and conformal coating, and the series meets EN61373 / IEC61373 shock and vibration standards. Full electronic protection, large design headroom, and the exclusive use of components with established reliability result in a high MTBF.