GDS Displays has won a public tender to supply LCD screens to Norway Railways. 32in and 46in sunlight readable displays will be used outdoors to display train timetables and other related information, whilst 65in screens will be supplied for semi-outdoor applications.

The contract secured by GDS Displays will see them supply units over a four-year period.

The displays, that will be manufactured in GDS facilities in Italy and Romania, deliver highly contrasted content as well as excellent image quality. An ambient light sensor is used to continually sample light levels and screen brightness is adjusted to ensure comfortable viewing at all times.

Vandal proof glass optically bonded directly to the LCD alleviates back-of-glass reflection and condensation issues whilst also giving the displays excellent protection against physical damage.

An internal PC with Linux operating system, plus built-in diagnostics, thermal management and remote control allows standalone operation of the displays with no additional enclosures or ancillary cooling systems required.

“This is a very important contract win that builds on the successes already achieved by of our industry-leading range of daylight readable displays in similar applications,” said Richard Swetman, COO GDS Displays. “The technology and reliability built in to our products will give Norway Railways many years of quality service and provide its customers with clearly presented information to make their journeys easier.”