A new TSI PRM-suitable version of the MT sound module is now available from EAO, the expert partner for human machine interface.

The new series 56 MTSM (multi-tone sound module) can be programmed to emit clear warning and orientation sounds which may be adapted to any operating environment, especially rail vehicles.

It is pre-programmed with three TSI PRM-suitable tone sequences for door opening, door closing, and an orientation signal to help disabled users. Other sequences can be created by programming these tones to play at different volumes, durations and intervals.

With this new product, EAO has extended the MTSM-functionality. The volume can now be adjusted after mounting, which makes it easier to set the level according to how loud it is in the middle of the vestibule – a TSI PRM requirement. Using EAO’s ‘volume control box’, a clever new remote controller, the volume can be finely adjusted in 1.5dB steps between 66dB and 90dB to achieve the 70dB (around 2dB) prescribed by the TSI PRM.

Also important, it now operates with a wide range of nominal voltages between 12VDC and 110VDC (around 30%). There are only four terminals to connect instead of six, and all tones can be created from just three wires.

While the new product is still protected to IP69K for use in harsh environments, EAO now offers a cost-conscious, IP40 version for interior use.

The new MTSM is an extension to the series 56 range and matches the same design and dimensions of other series 56 products. It can be retrofitted into the existing mounting holes so it’s an ideal way for train builders to meet their obligations under the PRM TSI.

This product is one of the many devices supplied by EAO, which help persons with reduced mobility to enjoy the same travel opportunities as other members of society.