The development of large format clocks for London Waterloo by Ashby-based display technology and communication company Infotec is helping to make work easy for dispatch staff on the London station. The fact that Infotec also minimised the need for expensive and potentially difficult to install cabling was an additional bonus.

The large four-face clock that hangs in the middle of London Waterloo station’s main concourse has become a traditional meeting point, used by many for the purpose. On the station’s lengthy platforms, however, dispatch staff need clocks that are synchronised with the rest of the CIS system to ensure that trains are dispatched at exactly the right time.

To meet this need Fone-Alarm Installations has placed an order with Infotec for 22 new clocks for the station, one for each of the 19 platforms and a further three for the subway.

The standard size of an Infotec clock is 150mm, adequate for most applications, but for Waterloo the requirement was for 250mm, making the timepieces visible from virtually all parts of the platforms and large enough to be easily read. Infotec worked to upscale its P2012 clock for Waterloo and Fone-Alarm and their client Network Rail.

Fone-Alarm project manager, Michael Creasey, said: “The large format clocks look good on site and the customer and dispatch staff are very happy.”

The ease and cost of installation also pleased the client. Infotec has made extensive use of radio links. Typically these have been used with a radio link to the clock on one platform and a short cable then connects to the clock on the adjacent platform. This approach has minimised the need for potentially expensive and sometimes difficult to install additional cabling.

“The equipment was chosen for ease of installation and to save the client money and it has done so. It is now installed and working perfectly,” Michael Creasey added.