Rittal’s TopTherm Plus cooling units are now supplied with RiNano technology on the condensor coil. In extreme conditions, such as heavily contaminated environments, it is vital to keep the units clean in order to maintain efficiency.

Over time, the performance of cooling units can deteriorate between 30% to 50% if the membranes become dirty, leading to an increase in CO2 emissions. RiNano is a thin coating that repels oil, dust and powder particles, preventing them from attaching to the condensors.

RiNano, comprised of ceramic nanoparticles, adheres firmly to the surface of the condensor with the particles aligning themselves during application. Connecting particles migrate to the top and anti-adhesion components align themselves with the air, this leads to an ultra-thin glass such as coating, which seals the pores.

This permanent seal then acts as a barrier against oil, dust and powder particles, which are then unable to attach to the dirt-repelling layer, significantly reducing the levels of dirt that could accumulate.

Corrosion resistance is also significantly improved when RiNano is used in conjunction with the Rittal anti-chemical treatment, which coats internal parts with a special protective coating.

RiNano is available on both wall and roof mounted units from 300W to 4,000W.