Denver, Colorado — Mobile asset and logistic managers leverage their iPhone, or other internet-capable cell phones, to access real-time mapping and monitoring data to streamline operations.

Using Lat-Lon’s new mobile application, field personnel and managers can log on, select a remote asset, get current message data and map its location in real-time. Street level maps and aerial photos allow users to pinpoint assets within feet. The Lat-Lon mobile application provides data about the asset such as why did it call in, did it reach a customer site, did it leave the plant, what is its status, and what direction it is going and how fast.

Lat-Lon mobile, coupled with Lat-Lon’s alert text messaging capabilities, provides real-time information to your cell phone, wherever you are. You can act on the text message alert quickly and use Lat-Lon mobile to see its location or get additional historical status information. The most useful fleet management tool for your trailers, railcars, locomotives or vehicles is now in the palm of your hand.

Lat-Lon customers are streamlining dispatch, maintenance, customer support, and operations by the ability to keep a plan running. Eric Levin of Conrail said, “We get immediate answers to questions with real-time information. That keeps us on plan which is a positive benefit for the entire operation.”

Lat-Lon allows you to decide how the mobile application best fits your business. System administrators have the flexibility to setup the data that is displayed such as speed, direction, customer geofences, impact data, temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, etc.