For the InnoTrans 2008, HÜBNER GmbH will be focusing on vehicle design – both inside and out. At the exhibition booth, visitors will have the opportunity to view flexible gangway systems with corrugated bellows that are produced without a welding seam. This enhancement not only improves the appearance of the gangway but also provides added value from a technical standpoint.

Seamless corrugation is the newest standard in the development of gangway systems. This is made possible by an innovative new process from the HÜBNER company.

The new development is being presented in two metro gangway systems: the MF 2000 (Metro Paris) and the Metro Dehli RS3, a gangway which should serve as the standard for the lines RS3 and RS1 in the Indian metro system. The seamless corrugated bellows not only improves the appearance of the vehicles, but the new system also provides superior leak tightness in comparison to earlier technologies.

The gangway produced for the Indian metro is also equipped with an innovative new modular domed frame that is produced completely using bending technique. The advantages are obvious: high stability and a perfect appearance.
A rotary locking system simplifies the installation and removal of the gangway systems, and allows a particularly quick and simple coupling procedure.

Polyurethane: paneling expertise inside and out

For passive pedestrian protection in trams, HÜBNER has produced front and rear paneling units made of polyurethane for many years. Usually, the front or rear panels consist of six to eight elements, which can be individually replaced and are integrated with a range of functional and fixation parts. The low-flammability requirements of DIN 5510 part two are also met.

HÜBNER Group is now utilizing this expertise for the manufacture of interior paneling. Together with an OEM partner, HÜBNER is developing paneling for ceilings and doors made of hard-molded PU.

The self-supporting elements are 4mm to 6mm thick and 1.8m long. They have thousands of tiny holes and are equipped with sound-absorbing mats, which help to reduce noise. The production as molded parts allows nearly all design variations, as well as finishing and equipping with other components.