Steel pipe and railway wheel company Interpipe has announced the launch of a new product website (, created for its clients in the railway industry. On the new website customers have the possibility to read the latest news about the wheel brand KLW, receive information about the results of the latest audits and learn about the detailed history of the development of the wheel shop at Interpipe NTRP.

The website has been developed with the use of flash technologies that illustrate the railway wheel production technology and the fields of applications of railway wheels under the KLW brand.

Michael Iskov, director for railway wheel sales at Interpipe said: “The launch of a new product website for the KLW brand is an important step in the development of Interpipe’s wheel business. We distinguished a wheel brand that unifies railway wheel sales of Interpipe in the world, developed its visual image, presented to clients, partners and the wider public. The launch of a website will allow KLW as a product brand to become closer to its clients and provide convenient access to actual information about the Company. I hope that the website will become an additional communication platform for our clients and partners.”