Worldwide, there is no comparable transmission in this power class: the L 311 reV2 has been developed by Voith Turbo especially for rail construction vehicles and small locomotives with transmission input powers of up to 600kW. And all this in the record time of only 12 months.

With the L 311 reV2, Voith Turbo has developed a unique transmission for extremely confined installation spaces, which offers the necessary variety of drives for a wide range of rail construction vehicles, small locomotives and special rail vehicles. As a traction transmission with input powers from 300kW to max. 600kW, the new L 311 reV2 turbo transmission offers sufficient power reserves even for larger machines.

The altogether eight PTOs of the transmission are suitable for flanging a wide variety of hydrostatic pumps for the driven machines. During operation, full engine power is available at the PTOs. If necessary, a through-drive can be utilized for imparting engine power to other components. For very slow trip service, the L 311 reV2 with its new deep output also offers a possibility of flanging a hydrostatic motor. Control occurs via the Voith Turbo Drive Control (VTDC) system.

While normally two and a half years are scheduled for new transmission developments, the engineering team around Dr Fischer achieved this goal within a sensational 12 months. Voith Turbo has demonstrated, how flexibly and efficiently customer requirements can be put into practice.