MEN Mikro Elektronik is the first German company, and one of a total of less than ten companies worldwide, which is certified according to the quality management systems EN9100 (transportation) and IRIS (railway) in addition to ISO 9001. After having been certified according to EN 9100 in late 2008, MEN also received the IRIS certification from the DQS (German corporation for the certification of management systems) in early 2009.

Computer boards and systems from MEN Mikro Elektronik are developed and produced for rugged and/or safety-critical applications in transportation, avionics, medical engineering and industrial automation. Especially in these markets, highly reliable products and excellent quality in development and production are a major competitive advantage and a strategic factor of success.

In order to successfully acquire orders from the transportation market the IRIS certification will be of great importance in the future. The train manufacturers associated to the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) commit to only give orders to subcontractors which have been certified according to the IRIS standards.