The PDC 765 series industrial DC/DC converter delivers up to 1kW output power. It is encapsulated in a thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound to ensure resistance to high levels of shock, vibration and moisture.

The converter is suitable for use in industrial, transportation, oil and gas, mining and other extreme environments. A railway version that complies with EN 50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock is also available.

This 1kw converter delivers 24V/41A, 48V/21A or 110VDC/9A, and it accepts 48VDC (42V – 60V range) or 125Vdc (90V – 145V range) supply voltages. Other input and output values are available on request and other options include alarms and indicators.

Cooling is via base plate by conduction. The unit operates in a -40°C to 60°C cold plate temperature range at full specification, with extended temperature ranges available on request. This compact, encapsulated converter measures 155mm x 72mm x 269mm.