MTM Power, a specialist for high-quality power supplies, offers in its product range the 19in Euro Card with up to six different, galvanically isolated outputs with 6TE or 8TE. With the MTM power card of the series MPK1, an unexpected variety of possibilities can be created for 19in-applications. Approximately 1,000 different power supply variations can be realised.

As in a construction kit, the 19in power supplies can be individually assembled with three basic components: front plate, PCB and H15 connector as well as the vacuum encapsulated modules of the series PMA, PMAS, PMN and PMG. The MPK1 offers two mounting positions for PCB modules with an output power up to maximum 96W, either with single, dual or triple outputs. With the MTM power card, power supply variations can be realised in seconds.

If requested, a separate LED for each output can be included on the front plate. All modules with the same input voltage can be combined with each other. As customised power supplies have the same dimensions and pinning, even these can be combined with standard modules.