The MIM 50R is a recent addition to Absopulse Electronics’ DC/DC converter series designed for low power railway and mobile applications. The design is based on Absopulse’s MIM 105, which has an excellent track record in numerous rugged environments.

This 50W unit is housed in a compact 66mm x 38mm x 163mm vented chassis-mount enclosure, and weighs 400g. It operates at full specification over a -40°C to +70°C cold-plate temperature range. Cooling is via baseplate to a heatsinking surface and by natural convection.

Nominal input voltages are 24V, 48V, 72V, 96V or 110V dc with wide (EN 50155) input ranges; the unit delivers single outputs of 12V or 24Vdc. Other input and output voltages are available on request.

The MIM 50R meets the requirements for EN 50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock, EN 55022 class B and EN50121-3-2 conducted and radiated EMI, and EN 61000 immunity standards. This converter is fully ruggedised and conformal coated, and meets IEC 61373 categories 1 A and B shock and vibration standards. It has 3kVdc input to output isolation, inrush current limiting and reverse polarity protection at the input. Over-voltage protection, over-current, short circuit and thermal protection are standard.