TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced long-range, high-performance identification systems based on radio frequency identification (RFID) for automatic vehicle identification and access control solutions in demanding applications, today announced the enhancement of the TagMaster security concept to include secure encrypted TCP/IP communication over Ethernet using HTTPS protocol. TagMaster readers will be presented at the ASIS trade show in Orlando from 19-21 September by the premium partner Tagmaster North America in booth no 1163.

TagMaster is highly focused on its customer’s requirements for reliable and secure identification and data transmission at all levels. For automatic identification in access control related installations it is vital that all parts of the system solution meet the applicable levels of security required by the customer. The TagMaster security concept enhances the existing high level of security related functionality already present in TagMaster’s Gen4 RFID product range.

The new security functionality introduced relates to the data communication between the RFID reader and external systems. Ethernet is more frequently being used for the communication between readers and host control systems. The existing TCP/IP based Ethernet communication ability is available in all TagMaster’s long-range Gen4 RFID readers. To enable a higher level of security, TagMaster has now introduced the HTTPS protocol as a selectable configuration option in all Gen4 RFID readers. HTTPS provides proven encrypted communication via TCP/IP which has been recognised in the market as both secure and robust.

This new security functionality adds to the existing security already incorporated into TagMaster’s product range. TagMaster’s Gen4 readers already provide multilevel password protection ensuring controlled access to the configuration menus of the reader. Another important security related feature is the protection against duplication of ID-tags. TagMaster’s SecureMarkID® concept is used to protect TagMaster EPC Gen 2 tags and prevents them from being duplicated. TagMaster’s 2.45GHz ID-tags include 32-bit CRC error detection and a proprietary eight digit unique ID to ensure correct reading and to prohibit duplication.

“TagMaster is committed to supporting its global network of highly professional partners by continuing to provide them with market leading features and tools for their high profile installations. These enhancements to the TagMaster security concept are yet further proof of this commitment. Customers who require the highest levels of security can depend on TagMaster to deliver the very best solution available,” says Bo Tiderman, CEO, TagMaster.